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Art Champoux has been an UFO investigator since 1964. He has worked with Ray Fowler, Walter Webb, John Keel, a lady that he can not name, and several different UFO groups. In the 1960s he was with APRO, CAPER, NIACP, then when APRO went out he was with NICAP and then APRO, Now he is with MUFON. The world of the paranormal has always fascinated him as even as a small boy he had some eerie happenings. His Great grandmother was a spirit medium so maybe he has inherited something. He is a hypnotist and has written for several publications and his leanings are much like John Keels. He beleives there is an ultra force, not from outer space, but much like John's and even Jaques Vallees' contention...we are but one dimension out of many that reign on this planet.

Paranormal Sightings Continue in the Bridgewater Triangle
by Art Champoux

Posted: 00:00 May 1, 2007

Photo of the Hockomock Swamp
The "Bridgewater Triangle" is an area that encompasses many towns; but more or less lays right in the middle of the area in a swamp, called the Hockomock Swamp, located in Massachusetts.

The American Indians call it the Devil's swamp and in 1760 it was the spot where one of the first UFOs was reported. The object was described as being a spheroid that crossed the swamp in the daytime and it looked like a "sphere on fire."

Another sighting occurred over the swamp on Halloween night in 1908. Many saw it flying over the swamp.

The "Bridgewater Triangle" is just another one of those mysterious areas that are all over the globe where unexplained phenomena happen.

But there is more to it.

In April 1970 it was reported that a "Bigfoot" picked up a rear of a police car, in which sat two surprised police officers. All these things happened in this "triangle area."

The Bridgewater Triangle is an area of 200 square miles. It encompasses Bridgewaters, Raynham, Taunton, Brockton, Mansfield, Norton and Easton, plus the towns of Abington, Freetown and Rehoboth. This is home to the Hockomock Swamp - a paranormal corridor within the triangle. Strange and unusual sightings have been reported including huge snakes, large birds, the Native Indians refer to as thunderbirds, and a large creature described as a Bigfoot because it leaves 18 inch footprints.

But this is not the end of the story.

Some sightings still occur on an mysterious area: a giant bird-like, or some say a pterosaur like creature was seen flying over the swamp and its wingspan is estimated to be over12-feet.

So New England is another "flap area," (sorry I could not resist that) that has a history of many diverse sightings of the weird kind...and it goes back to 1760! That is before we were even a nation! I guess the indigenous people could look up into the sky and say, "Wow" and mean it!

Who knows when something will appear next?

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