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Priscilla Three Spirit Wolf writes about The Haunted Rock House in CapulinPriscilla Three Spirit Wolf resides near Albuquerque, New Mexico. As an artist and author Priscilla follows in her Grandparent’s tradition as a Native American storyteller. Priscilla credits her Grandparents for teaching her the traditional ways and for sharing their craft of storytelling with her. Priscilla has authored several books, with subjects spanning from the spiritual to the paranormal. She is gifted in the Native American ways as a healer and Shaman, and shares her experience by speaking at conferences and private gatherings across the country. Born Priscilla Garduno and raised in San Luis Valley in Colorado, Priscilla has had paranormal encounters, and UFO sightings since 1948 - she is no stranger to the unknown. Many of these experiences are detailed in her book, Wolf Ghost Stories. Email Priscilla at

The Haunted Rock House in Capulin
by Priscilla Three Spirit Wolf
(Copyright © 2009 by Priscilla Three Spirit Wolf. All rights reserved.)

Posted: 12:12 May 25, 2009

Wolf Ghost Stories
Living in Southern Colorado in the San Luis Valley you hear many ghost stories,and sightings of UFOs.

It was 1946: as we were driving through the back dirt road to my grandparents home 50 miles away, my father pointed to a old farm Rock House, "Its haunted" he said.

My mother asked him how do you know?

He mentioned the caretaker of the house had told him a story about the house.

Old man Miller and His wife lived there many years ago, when he died, she continue to live there and planted all those flowers around the house. The caretaker, helped her with the farm, and when she died, he stayed on. One summer he was out in the yard cutting weeds when he heard a knock on the window. As he looked toward the house, he spotted Mrs Miller watching him.

After that he would hear her at night cooking and moving pots and pans. Then she would walk up the stairways to her room.

He told my father he had seen her many times.

The caretaker died years later and no one ever lived in the house since.

My father said the house was over 100 years old.

I never forgot that house or the story. When I was sixteen, I went to a Party in Capulin and there was this two guys that were from California and they wanted to check out haunted houses.

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To purchase Priscilla Three Spirit Wolf's book just click on the title Wolf Ghost Stories - Encounters, Paranormal, and UFOs

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