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Roles and Functions of Angels
by Ron Murdock

00:27 June 26, 2007

Roles and Functions of Angels
The function of Angels is to provide us with our spiritual and emotional needs.

Part of the emerging spirituality is the role of angels and their functions in daily life. Are angels a figment of the imagination or are they beings, since the start of creation, that bear messages to individuals and humanity on whole? The recent resurgence in the popularity of angels indicates a search for spirituality and help in a troubled world.

Angels provide various functions in day to day life. Their main role is to be guardians and messengers. Other services they offer range from helping people make decisions, to more serious roles like saving lives. Angels are there to help steer individuals through the difficulties they encounter by providing insight, awareness, support and encouragement in every situation that is faced throughout a humans entire lifetime.

With there being so many angels, some go by other titles. Archangels, cherubims and seraphims are angels that perform specific tasks. Gabriel, who announced to Mary that she would give birth to Jesus Christ and Michael who fought Satan and threw him out of Heaven are the only angels known by name. In Genesis, cherubim were placed by God at the east end of the Garden of Eden just after Adam and Eve were evicted. In Exodus 25, images of cherubim were to be placed on the Ark of the Covenant as instructed by God to Moses. In Isaiah 6:2 seraphim are described as having six wings. Two covered the face of them, two covered the feet and two were used to fly with. In this passage, the seraphim stood by the Throne of God and sang His praises.

Angels are not to be confused with Spirit Guides. Despite a slight connection, they are two completely different entities. Spirit Guides can be deceased friends or family members who stick around and provide guidance throughout a persons life. Angels have been with a person since their birth and stay until that individual dies. Angels have more wisdom and enlightment than Spirit Guides, therefore in a better position to help people. Guardian Angels are those who need to be formally sanctioned by God and other angels to do that particular role.

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