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The Strange Craft:
Implications and Ruminations
by Paul D. Laurence
6/27/07 PDL

Roll over, Phil Corso, and tell Don Keyhoe the news!

Posted: 20:00
July 4, 2007

The Strange Craft: Implications and Ruminations

WOW! AGAIN I'M REMINDED of what numerologist Glynis McCants said about this year: It would be a year when lies crumble, liars are unmasked, and truths emerge. Even though it's only half over, I think it's already the most extraordinary year ever in this regard, with important truths just pouring out of the spigot of secrecy.

I've been closely following the "strange craft" story, which broke on Coast to Coast AM about six weeks ago. A bizarre, asymmetrical, unmanned flying object was seen and photographed in northern California by a man identifying himself only as "Chad." His report and accompanying series of clear photos generated quite a buzz, with some people predictably dismissing the story as made up and the pics as "Photoshopped." But within a few weeks, another half-dozen individuals, mostly in California, weighed in with similar reports and photographs, confirming the reality of the weird flying machines. These are drone craft having no visible means of propulsion; that are silent except for a soft humming or crackling sound; that move in a curious, insect-like manner; and that appear and disappear before observers' eyes.

Just yesterday another C2C listener joined the fray, filing an incendiary report containing mind-boggling details along with 19 images, scans of original photographs and a top-secret manual that he surreptitiously photocopied. This has got to be one of the most significant events in the history of the planet, not to mention UFOlogy. Roll over, Phil Corso, and tell Don Keyhoe the news!

The gentleman further confirmed the reality of the strange craft, described by witnesses as being like dragonflies, water striders, or horseshoe crabs. He wrote, "I'm going by the alias 'Isaac' while I release this information. I'm an electrical engineer and computer scientist and used to work in a program called 'CARET' [Commercial Applications Research for Extra-terrestrial Technology] that was concerned with research and development based on extra-terrestrial technology. Many key elements of the technology I worked with during my time with CARET are clearly visible in these crafts. This work was done in the 80's in Palo Alto, CA, so it's no surprise to me that these sightings are taking place within such proximity to that area."

The craft are made on Earth by American Earthlings but were copped from the ETs, based as they were on technology derived from reverse-engineering components taken from crashed UFOs recovered by the government over the previous two decades. The drones can control themselves or be controlled remotely, and they fly using antigravity and a cryptic control language imprinted on their exteriors. The different models of strange craft range from approximately 15 to 30 feet long and vary greatly in features. The simplest one looks like a flying cross with a large ring connecting the two staves, while the most complex looks like a sinister, monstrous top! They've been flying around our skies for decades, says Isaac, but they've been sighted in recent months largely as a result of technical slipups; Something - or someone - is turning off the cloaking that leaves them ordinarily invisible to the human eye.

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