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Tom Arbino, since obtaining his BA from the University of Cincinnati, has sold fiction to several professional magazine (such as Demon minds, Aphelion, Crossroads Magic, Samsara, Ambitions, Whispering Spirits, Astounding Tales, Ragged Edge Publishing, Afterburn SF, Static Movement, Slushpile, Scars Publications, Fantasy World Geographic, and High Adventures On-line.) He has also published a volume of poetry, Lovers Entwined in the Bounds of Timeless Time. The Plowman Publishing House, 1994. You can email Tom at

Aliens Have Been On The Moon
Since Ancient Times

by Tom Arbino

20:00 July 1, 2008

There is an alien presence of the moon, one the existed before recorded human history, and I have the photos to prove it. The moon isn't the wasteland that NASA claims it to be, a place where Alan Shepard knocked contraband golf balls around with nothing more to worry about then hitting a crater. But is there something else out there? Is there something that didn't originate from this world on the surface of the moon?

If anyone looks at the old Apollo pictures, or any photograph taken by a satellite for that matter, two things quickly make themselves known-ink spots and blurs. NASA has gone over every single photo with a fine toothcomb and has blurred some areas while applying black ink to others. What is it that they don't want us to see? They don't want us to see the alien presence that is there. And not only is there an alien presence on the moon, but there are ancient structures there that have existed since the ancient days.

The one thing that NASA didn't count on was modern technology. Today everyone has a computer with a photo editor that is light years beyond anything that they had in the 1960s. Some of the structures weren't visible in the 1960s photos but were there nonetheless. Since they weren't visible, NASA didn't ink or blur them. With your own computer you can zoom in and find these structures, which are literally littered throughout the surface of the moon.

Lunar Orbiter 1 photo that was blown up on a home computer. The alien structure is clearly visible near the center.

These structures have been on the moon since ancient times, some of them the remnants of races that died off long ago. If you find this a little too fantastic to believe, then consider our own history. There was an ancient time that pre-dated Adam and Eve. The Biblical Flood was undertaken to destroy the ancient world:

And did not spare the ancient world, but preserved Noah… 2 Peter 2:5

The Flood destroyed the Garden of Eden and other ancient worlds that God wanted destroyed such as Atlantis. The Ancient Egyptians spoke of a time that existed before Egypt. The Sphinx clearly shows signs of water erosion, which shows that it existed before the Flood and well before modern archeologists claim that it did. The same wiping out strategy was applied to worlds beyond the Earth. Mars has an ancient world that was destroyed, one with a face and a pyramid. So it isn't so hard to believe that the moon did as well.

Many claim that the moon isn't a moon at all but an alien object that was placed in Earth orbit. Some have called it Luna. They claim that the moon was not mentioned in the Biblical story of creation, but it was. The moon was referred to as "the lesser light that rules the night" in Genesis 1:16. The moon stopped in the sky in Joshua 10:30 but this had nothing to do with the alien presence there.

The aliens live on the surface of the moon, but this is in no way saying that there isn't an alien presence inside the moon as well. If you take some time to use your photo editor with high-resolution photos of the moon, it won't take you long to find these structures. NASA will suggest that you created this or that it is really part of a crater. Stop and ask yourself one question, if the moon really is as NASA claims that it is, then why are some photos classified and unavailable to the public while others are inked and blurred?

One of the most famous examples of this is the Apollo 16 "Earth rise" photo in which "the Earth" is rising over the moon. NASA says that the object in the picture is the Earth and few people question it. If you think for yourself, and look with an open mind, you will clearly see that this is a UFO. This is another craft off to the left, which NASA doesn't even attempt to explain away.

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