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Dr. Edgar Mitchell Sets Record Straight
by Lisa Bonnice
BlogTalkRadio’s ShapeShifting

Posted: 11:30 July 25, 2008

Dr. Edgar Mitchell Sets Record Straight
Dr. Edgar Mitchell

Former man on the moon Dr. Edgar Mitchell found himself in the news today regarding remarks he made on the British radio program Kerrang! about believing in alien beings - and the long-rumored UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico.

In the wake of that flap, the American astronaut set the record straight in an interview with Lisa Bonnice, host of BlogTalkRadio’s ShapeShifting, saying that though there was indeed a cover-up at Rosewell, NASA knew nothing about it – at least not to his knowledge.

Here's the full transcript of Mitchell's discussion:

LISA BONNICE: Dr. Mitchell, thank you for joining me today.

EDGAR MITCHELL: It's a pleasure. Thank you very much.

LB: As we were mentioning before the show started, you really stirred up a hornet's nest, strangely enough, and like you said, you've been saying this for years.

EM: I don't know what really got things stirred up, perhaps it was the Larry King show. I don't know.

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LB: Could be. But basically people are freaking out that you were aware of several UFO visits.

EM: That's not quite right. You use that in the plural. I was talking about the Roswell incident, the Roswell visitation primarily, but there have been many others that have been reported that I have no personal awareness of but that was the one that I was really talking about.

LB: So the interview has been a little misquoted. But you actually have information about the Roswell incident?

EM: Yes and my information comes from what I call “the old timers,” because I grew up in the Roswell area and when I went to the moon, some of the old timers from that period, some locals, and others military and intelligence people, who were under rather severe oaths to not reveal any of this and kind of wanted to get their conscience clear and off their chests before they passed on, selected me and said, independently – this wasn't a group effort – independently that maybe I might be a safe person to tell their story to. And all of them confirmed, and what I'm saying is they confirmed the Roswell incident was a real incident and they in some way had some part in it that they wanted to talk about.

LB: What is it that they told you?

EM: Well, that the crash of an alien spacecraft in the Roswell area was a real event and much of the lore, I can't say all of the lore, but much of the fact that dead bodies were recovered and live ones were recovered, that they were not of this world, was the story. And of course it was reported in the Roswell Daily Record one day and promptly denied the next day and a cover story of a weather balloon, and that was pure nonsense. That was a cover-up.

LB: Why do you suppose, I mean there's all kinds of reasons over the years, but you're in the inner circle. Why do you actually think they did the cover-up? Do you think it's because they thought we're just not sophisticated enough yet? Maybe mankind wasn't ready?

EM: Well, the best story, I believe, is simply because this is right in the aftermath of World War II, the Cold War with the Soviet Union was starting to get under way, there was great suspicion of anything having to do with protecting the skies and advanced technology. Also, the U.S. Army Air Corps had just been separated to become an independent service called the Air Force. The intelligence service of World War II, the OSS, had disbanded to become the modern CIA, and so President Truman at that point really was on the horns of a dilemma.

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