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Steve Hammons writes about Remote ViewingSteve Bass is a Ufologist who believes in the scientific approach to the UFO phenomenon. He is an investigator and State Section Director for the Mutual UFO Network, and a Fellow of the Research Institute on Anomalous Phenomenon based in Kharkiv, Ukraine. He is also a journalist for UFO Digest and American Chronicle. Email Steve at

Is the Fall of the Tower of Babel a Metaphor for the Demise of a Very High Civilization?
by Steve Bass
State Section Director, MUTUAL UFO NETWORK
Fellow, Research Institute on Anomalous Phenomena
Kharkiv, Ukraine

(Copyright 2009 by Steve Bass. All rights reserved.)

Posted: 18:35 July 10, 2009

Is the Fall of the Tower of Babel a Metaphor for the Demise of a Very High Civilization?

Originally published in the Journal of Frontier Science

It is generally a good rule of thumb that a little truth is contained in a lie. The same holds true for legends and mythology, which tend to incorporate factual occurrences surrounded by embellishment and fact altered to the point of incredulity.

When I study Ufology, I tend to compare and contrast it with Biblical teachings. Being Mormon in faith, I have a strong belief in the Word of God as taught in the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon.

Biblical history was typically authored many years, sometimes centuries after the fact. Even so, almost on a yearly basis, an archaeologist will discover an artifact or ancient ruin or dwelling that corroborates an account from Biblical texts. For example, outside of the Bible, there was not any evidence that King David of the Israelites actually existed. Then, in July of 1993, archaeologists led by Professor Avraham Biran found a piece of basalt rock in the city of Tel Dan in the northern parts of Galilee, on which was inscribed the words "Beit David", which translates "Dynasty of David".

Many of us were taught the story of Sodom and Gomorrah as children, about how God rained destruction onto the cities with fire and brimstone. Archaeologists believe that they have found the ancient sites of the cities off the southwest coast of the Dead Sea, complete with ash and evident brimstone!

The story of the Tower of Babel always confused me. The story goes that the people of the city of Babel wanted to build an incredible city with a huge tower, so large that it touched the heavens! This so angered Heavenly Father that He destroyed the tower and confounded everyone's language.

The thought of actually offending God by building a tower seemed incredible, especially when you consider the heresies of today.

I suspect that the Tower of Babel is analogous to the birth and growth of an advanced culture, a Very High Civilization. A Very High Civilization is a scientific term for a civilization that has reached an advanced level of technological and social sophistication.

Discoveries of large areas of fused green glass found by archaeologists digging in the Egyptian desert near Libya and Sudan led to great consternation and confusion with its implications.

When American scientists first tested the atomic bomb in New Mexico in the closing hours of World War II, they found that the intense heat had turned the sand in the blast crater to a green-colored glass. This incredible evidence in the Egyptian desert, the "Libyan Desert Glass", points to the use of nuclear weapons! More incredibly, the level of its excavation dates the phenomenon to at least 10,000 years ago!

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