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Victor Connor has a B.S. in Physics, M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and was accepted to do doctoral work in three different subjects: physics, computer science and mathematics. Professionally, he worked in Endicott , NY at the IBM Glendale Lab as a design engineer and software programmer and later as a systems engineer at a sales branch. He also worked as an assistant professor of Applied Computer Science at Illinois State University.

Other writings by Victor Connor: The Greatest Crime of Historic Time and Defining America.

Types of UFO Evidence
by Victor Connor

(Copyright 2009, Victor Connor - All Rights Reserved)

Posted: 12:10 July 31, 2009

There is so much evidence on the existence of UFOs and, subsequently, ETs, that it defies common sense that everyone does not know about them. The only explanation for this non-dissemination of knowledge is the successful information blocking expertise of those who do not want the public to know. In addition, this wealth of evidence makes it hard for a newly interested person to get a handle on this field of study, and so I have tried to categorize this vast field so that the newcomer will have a framework to try to understand better the overwhelming amount of UFO information that exists.

To list the details of all this evidence would take over a thousand books by themselves. I have been studying Ufology seriously since 1994, read about seventy books, skimmed fifty more, read a hundred papers, watched scores of TV documentaries, attended eleven UFO conferences, talked with over one hundred people concerning this topic and personally investigated twenty UFO sightings. But I still have trouble deciding what to study next.

In an effort to help others, what I have tried to do is merely list the types of evidence that exist. Since there is so much evidence of this phenomenon, I have tried to categorize it into a more manageable way. There is nothing sacred about my categories and one could easily argue to collapse two or more categories into one or add or split others. The interested reader who wishes to go into the details will find many books, journals, magazines and websites on this subject and I've referenced some of the best ones that I'm aware of for you to start with. I freely admit before hand that I have missed many great sources of information in many categories and I apologize for my oversight and intend no insult.

The Categories

1. Public Eyewitness accounts: Millions of people have seen strange objects in the sky that did not behave like anything they have ever seen before. Hundreds of thousands of these people have given reports of their sightings to their government authorities. The two most common statements made by observers are "I never saw anything like it before" and "I would have never believed it, if I hadn't seen it." (For you budding psychologists and sociologists, those two statements are worthy of a dozen Ph.D. theses.)

Dr. J. Allen Hynek called their descriptions of what they saw the "Escalation of Explanation." This is where people upon seeing a UFO will first try to explain it in terms of objects they already understand, but then have to change their description to something different until they are finally perplexed as to how to describe what they saw. To get a quick look at some of these sightings that are reported, look at:

a. Mutual UFO Network’s, MUFON, website at and type in your state in the Event State(USA) entry, or look at the
b. National UFO Reporting Center ’s website at,
c. Retired Air Force Major George A. Filer’s website,, that shows his “Filer’s Files”, or
d. Subscribe to the UFO Newsclipping Service published by Lucius Farish or
e. Read testimony from the witnesses in the Disclosure Project, at

2. Historical and Artistic Records: There are thousands of historical or artistic records of phenomena that fit the description of current day UFOs and ETs. See the encyclopedic works of Jerome Clark, the four volume set "U.F.O.s and Extraterrestrials in History" by Yves Naud, or a graduate thesis of UFOs in History as shown thru art by the Italian woman, Stefania Genovese.

3. Aircraft Pilot Sightings: Over ten thousand aircraft pilots have seen UFOs during day and night. Ex-NASA scientist, Richard Haines, has recorded over 3,500 aircraft pilots’ sightings of UFOs. These pilots have seen UFOs up close, which means within a mile. Some of these pilots have slowly steered their planes or jets to get closer to the UFOs, which would only allow them to get so close. Other pilots have actually chased them, but the UFOs have always eluded them. When the UFOs approached the aircraft too closely, many of the planes instruments went haywire. In addition, some of the pilots have either lost their jobs or were desk-bound after reporting UFO sightings.

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