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The Quarantine
by Sol Aris (Shaul Volkov)

14.58 August 5, 2006

indisputable proof as to the existence of any extra-terrestrial entities
A great many ideas are floating around regarding the simple question of why, after so many years of research, evidence, and sightings, do we still not have an "indisputable proof" as to the existence, let alone presence on Earth, of any extra-terrestrial entities. Many interesting reasons have been offered for this, such as that humanity is simply not ready to be received into the Galactic Brotherhood yet, or that the ET's are very much in contact with humanity, but only with select cliques. Some amazingly intricate theories arose too, which claim that the whole "UFO craze" is a conspiracy, a mind-control experiment by covert establishment agencies.

But the puzzle remains - if the "aliens" are really out there, why haven't they come forward and said so? Why is it that every sighting and bit of proof about them, even from supposedly reputable sources, can always be so easily debunked that nearly everyone in the mainstream ends up thinking the whole UFO thing is a big hoax?

I've found the most compelling and reasonable explanation for this to be the theory of The Quarantine. I first encountered this term on an alien channeling site some years ago (ZetaTalk - when it was still good), but have seen it since in many other places. I understand that a similar notion is expressed in the "Oahspe Bible", and that it also closely follows the old Gnostic belief that a "veil" has been lowered to exist between Man and God.

The Quarantine theory is based on the Big Premise - namely that all of our old "Gods" from the various mythologies, are in fact traveling extra-terrestrials, who have been visiting this planet since long before the advent of man. And some of them had in fact created Mankind out of a primitive ape, when they needed some obedient workers. One of the first and probably best-known champions of this idea in modern times has been Zecharia Sitchin, but the cry has since been picked up by countless others, myself among them. An interesting point, however, is that one doesn't have to buy all of Sitchin's theories in order to accept the notion of the Quarantine.

The basic story is that from deep antiquity and up to a certain time, most of our various "ancient gods" are described as having been physically seen by nearly everyone who mattered. The "god" had a place of residence within the city, where he would often personally appear to greet the multitude. But after some point in history the gods did not appear any longer. Sitchin stopped short of providing an explanation for why it would be so. But in fact it happened because the Quarantine went into effect, and afterwards mankind began believing in "unseen" gods, who have no physical form and whose very existence has to be taken strictly on faith.

This changeover occurred as a result of Mankind's development on some type of a "universal moral scale", in order to bring about the fulfillment of its ultimate destiny. Such a development falls in line with many mystic doctrines, not least of which is the Kabalistic idea of the "Yihud" - the so-called "ultimate unification" (of Man and God, basically of All.)

The theme of the Universal Moral Scale has been greatly expounded on by various science-fiction writers, some of whom can justifiably be considered among today's greatest visionaries and philosophers. Many of them did write about a "Galactic Brotherhood" of sorts, in which mankind can gain admittance only after attaining a certain level of consciousness.

A most important aspect of the various stories on this subject is a concept which came to be called "the Prime Directive" in the amazing series Star Trek. It basically states that an advanced star-faring race is strictly forbidden from directly interfering in the development of a more primitive culture it finds on some backward planet. This rule is pretty much taken as a given by many writers of the genre.

It stands to reason, if we accept that life exists outside the Earth and that some of this life is necessarily much more "intelligent" or "advanced" than us - then something like the Prime Directive would surely have to be at work as well. Because, as any biologist knows, direct interference with some delicate cultures during critical stages of growth, can often quickly lead to their destruction. And this is considered to be unacceptable on a Universal Moral Scale.

But we've just finished saying that extra-terrestrial beings DID interfere with mankind's development Big Time, had in fact "created" mankind, by splicing their genes onto an intelligent ape. Wouldn't that rule out the existence of a "Prime Directive" for the likes of them? The answer would be that Star Trek didn't describe the full nature of this rule. The "old gods" did interfere with us, but only up to a certain point on our development scale, and after that the Directive went into effect.

Our initial relationship with the ancient gods was one of Slave and Master, and that was the original reason for mankind's creation. But our designation as "homo sapiens sapiens", the Thinking Rational Man, gave us the frontal-lobe abilities to advance beyond that stage. Eventually we developed our moral reasoning and spiritual striving to a point where the old master-slave relationship was no longer possible.

Here we enter the esoteric realm. The mystics say that when such a level in the development of a Universal Race is reached, this race collectively raises its vibrationary pattern, and enters into a kind of a temporary "grey zone" - which is like a cocoon, which protects it during this period of transition. That's because it's a most delicate stage, where any outside interference could doom the entire race. So it can possibly even be called a racial evolutionary defense mechanism, developed after trial and error.

This "grey zone" is a pattern of energies which effectively prevent any possibility of direct contact with representatives of a "more advanced" race. Thus the Quarantine is enforced not by some sort of a Galactic Police which ensures that no-one breaks the Prime Directive, but by a "natural" matrix of measurable forces (though of course our own science has still not found ways to measure them), which act as a perfect physical shield against any attempt at outside interference.

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