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Art Champoux has been an UFO investigator since 1964. He has worked with Ray Fowler, Walter Webb, John Keel, a lady that he can not name, and several different UFO groups. In the 1960s he was with APRO, CAPER, NIACP, then when APRO went out he was with NICAP and then APRO, Now he is with MUFON. The world of the paranormal has always fascinated him as even as a small boy he had some eerie happenings. His Great grandmother was a spirit medium so maybe he has inherited something. He is a hypnotist and has written for several publications and his leanings are much like John Keels. He beleives there is an ultra force, not from outer space, but much like John's and even Jaques Vallees' contention...we are but one dimension out of many that reign on this planet.

The Truth about Time Travel:
What no one tells you

by Art Champoux

Posted: 12:53 August 10, 2007

What is "time travel" and how does it work? Well the answer is multi faceted. First what makes time consistent?

The answer is gravity. Yes time is only consistent with gravity. In the absence of gravity there is no time. The flow and flux of gravity is a constant changing thing in our universe. When Clyde Tambaugh asked himself what would happen if we did not have gravity: what would happen to the planets? So while trying to answer this quest and with limited knowledge he decided to see if there were any other planets beyond the known planets.

He looked at the elliptical orbit of a known planet. Or the apogee and perogee of a planet. When one looks at the orbit of a planet, where the planet is pulled one looks beyond it to see if there is another pulling it. That is just what Clyde did. Then confirmed it with a telescope, and another astronomer confirmed that method with his own telescope. That is how planet Pluto was found.

Now take a magnet. Depending on the size of a magnet depends on how far the magnetism reaches out. So the size of the magnetic object also keeps us "grounded," that is why man need more mass to stop from floating etc. I am not a physicist but that is the basics of that.

Time travel: think about the size of an asteroid or the size of a meteor. Do they have enough mass to come to earth? Sure if they get trapped by the earths magnetism. But what if they do not? They keep traveling on and on endlessly. Why do we measure astronomy in light years, because a light year is different then a solar year?

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