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They Are Among Us
by Michael Rubens

Posted: 12:00 August 4, 2009

There have been alarming changes in accounts of alien abduction over the last ten years. Disturbingly the reports of these changes do not come from the new age camp or from the sci-fi oriented Trekkie/Matrix brigade. They are reported by two of the most respected authorities in the field, Professor David Jacobs and Budd Hopkins. These serious researchers into the alien phenomenon have found themselves confronted with reports from abductees that alien/human hybrids are now among us and are preparing for a seamless integration into human society. Jacobs calls the scenario that has revealed itself: 'A picture we may not wish to gaze upon.' It is a chilling fact that the alien abductors have not revealed why these changes are happening to any abductees.

Both Jacobs and Hopkins admit that they themselves cannot answer that question. In 2007 Jacobs put it thus:

"The ultimate objective of this program has eluded both Budd Hopkins and me. We do not know why this phenomenon is happening. But, we have an enormous amount of information about what is happening, how it is happening, what the plans are, and how they have been developing it over the years.

All of these accounts, to put it bluntly, point to a future in which human-looking hybrids will be here amongst us. The evidence is now so strong I can no longer look at alternative motivations for them. Everything I have learned about this subject in the past 20 years inexorably points to this conclusion. I cannot escape it....

Professor David Jacobs
Debunkers often accuse abduction researchers of using hypnosis to lead people into certain areas of thought and to have them tell us what we want to hear. In fact, it is the opposite. They have been telling us things we could never have imagined, and they are telling me things I do not want to hear. Researchers are being pulled along for the ride. All of this is to say that one of the things I am focusing on in my research is the possible process of hybrid insertion into the society. Originally I thought we might wake up one day and "they" would all just be here. That is what popular culture teaches us. Abductees tell us a very different story. It is much more complicated and different than we had thought. The evidence seems to suggest that it takes a great deal of coordination between all sorts of different aliens and hybrids that have been trained in different functions for the smooth operation of this program. Every one of them appears to have a job. They all seem to have their task to perform and so do some abductees. So, what we might be dealing with is a much more complicated phenomenon, both for hybrids, for aliens, for abductees and, of course, for researchers who are trying to discern what is happening. Researchers do not have guides explaining how to do this; everybody is learning on the fly. We are learning things as they are being revealed to us in bits and pieces and trying to make sense of them.

One woman, for example, told me she went into a room that was set up like a cafeteria. There were about 15 or 16 adolescent hybrids getting food (a brown, hard substance), and sitting at a table and eating it. (Before hypnosis, the abductee consciously thought they were eating hamburgers.) They were adolescents so they were talking with each other and playing around, that sort of behavior. She was supposed to say if everything was okay, and if not, teach them the proper methods of obtaining food in a cafeteria. She said that everything was not okay. She pointed out one must first obtain a tray. Then the food must be put on a plate which in turn is placed on the tray. One would need eating utensils as well. The hybrids then asked a number of questions about why one would need a plate, tray, and the function of utensils. They were serious about this. She also said there was too much "horsing around," and they had to be quieter. She was a school teacher many years ago, and she has definite ideas about proper decorum.

I have heard everything about abductions many times over in the past 20 years. I have investigated over a thousand abduction accounts. In the standard abduction scenario, procedures continue according to a set, albeit flexible, plan. Therefore, the accounts in which I hear the same thing repeatedly help in building up verification and validation. After one researches abductions in a systematic way and learns what happens in them, one finds that the information flow to the researcher proceeds at glacier-like speed. Only about every seventh session would I hear something I have never heard before. It might be a procedure the aliens did a little differently, or a new way of doing something, or it might be something else that was related to the standard procedures that I had not heard before. That would keep my interest up and help to propel me forward intellectually. Now I am constantly hearing things I have never heard before.

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