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They Are Among Us
by Michael Rubens

Yet Kerner also postulates the existence of another Universe that goes the other way. He calls this Universe the 'Godverse' and defines it as an infinite field of perfect reconciliation in which there is no separation of parts and therefore no limit and therefore perfect freedom. In the Godverse, says Kerner, lies our origins and our hope of resisting alien imposition. However, Kerner does not suggest that we are the only entities in the universe with origins in the Godverse. He is of the view that there are locations in the universe of lesser force to our planet where beings akin to what we commonly term 'angels' exist. This form of being that is different or 'alien' to our species, is characterized by the absence of technology or physical mechanisms such as spaceships. Kerner puts forward the idea that their means of reaching other planets is through a very natural means - Birth. In other words they are born, or reincarnate here. He speculates that maybe redeeming figures such as Christ or Buddha may have been such as this.

In Kerner's recent interview I found some very convincing answers for why 'the change' that Jacobs speaks about might be happening. I also found some very sound ideas about what we can do about this 'change' that is being inflicted on us. Anyone else who shares my concerns about this quiet yet deadly imposition on our society that it seems will have crept up on us before we know it, may want to read this interview in full. Jacques Vallee has suggested that it is doubtful that abduction accounts are reports of physically real alien experimentation on humanity by physically real aliens. He postulated the now famous, five arguments against that hypothesis. As far as I can see Kerner provides exhaustive counter-arguments for all of these and I would suggest that anyone concerned by the disturbing testimony of sober-minded, careful researchers such as Professor David Jacobs and Budd Hopkins, should take a look at his interview.

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