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Have You Seen These North and
South Pole Photos?

by Kitty Loberg

Posted: 17:25 October 6, 2008

I have some remarkable images (below) which I haven't seen anyone do on the internet. I believe in seeking the truth.

I'm semi-retired and occasionally teach computer science at a community college. I have been a webmaster for 3 small-medium size websites, and I love taking pictures and working with photography. I have become pretty good with Photoshop over 5 years.

I have been very interested in my own personal paranormal research on UFOs, alien races, and have viewed most of Project Camelot's videos. I have followed the channeled messages from the Federation of Light about Oct. 14th, and that is what led me a discovery and the reason I want to get this word out.

I became aware of a You Tube video titled “Look what I found on Google Earth” and the suggestion that a large blue rectangle thing was the “table” which the channeller Blossom Goodchild had mentioned. Someone wrote to Blossom Goodchild and for a couple of days, she had on her website “Oct 3rd) Please take Note of this, surely it means something!” in huge red letters. Another website she referred to shows Alabama Hill in Australia, and said when they looked up into the sky with Google Earth from that hill, it looked like a giant table. I saw the message and felt a little skeptical, and decided I'd go try to find it on Google Earth myself.

NASA and the European Space Agency has photos of the Moon and Mars on their sites. Some months ago, I downloaded from ESA, the photo of Crater Hale on Mars, and I used Photoshop to adjust contrast and was able to see for myself, evidence of civilization, or past civilization on Mars. Richard Hoagland too, wrote his book Dark Mission, and in his Project Camelot interview where he describes pictures of Lunar ruins and mechanical artifacts that can be shown with Photoshop.

There is lots of evidence based on these types of photos which lead me to believe our American military/government/NASA has lied to us, that NASA uses “brush” technology on photos to brush away evidence of UFOs or evidence of alien civilizations, and is STILL doing this today.

Now on to what I want to say about the Google Earth unexplainable blue retangular “tables”. I wanted to try to replicate what they were saying. First thing I found out was that I needed to be using the newest release of Google Earth, which is 4.3.7.

One thing I want to mention, to those who may not be familiar with Google Earth, is that ALL satelite images originate from NASA. It says so on Google Earth. (Don't forget to remember that images from NASA are possibly subject to screening and brushing before release to the public. )

This newest release of Google Earth has a new “layer” feature which allows you to turn on a layer for weather… real time weather for the whole globe. And sure enough, with the Weather Layer turned on, there was the darker blue rectangular area on the globe, but it wasn't Australia like the other website claimed, it was covering the North Pole. I found out, when you toggle on the weather, the blue rectangular area showed, when it is toggled off, it doesn't show.

If you're not familiar with Google Earth, you should understand that the base topography layer is a old pictures, they could be 1 or 2 years old. Just zoom into your own address, and you will see your house, and if you look closely, you will see that it is old pictures. I'm guessing my own house is 1-2 years old. The land formations don't really change much, so Google leaves up the old pictures. Additionally, to get ALL of earth without showing clouds which would cover the surface, they probably have joined many pictures together and selected ones from a sunny/clear day for the whole globe. That makes the base topography.

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