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Ian Brockwell Ian Brockwell is the creator of and interests include writing, teaching, politics, climate change, UFO reports, businesses of all descriptions, medicine and generally trying to enjoy life. Profindsearch is a very small search engine, which hopes to be a Google one day! (We can all dream) Visit Ian's website: You can email Ian at

UFO Captured During Thunderstorm: does it reveal alien life?
by Ian Brockwell

(Copyright 2008 Ian Brockwell)

Posted: 12:00 October 5, 2008

On September 10, 2008, Christine Dickey took a photograph during a thunderstorm (photo above) that not only captured the presence of a UFO, but on further investigation revealed what appears to be the existence of many different types of aliens.

The following is a letter received from Christine, apart from altering the name and occupation of one of those involved, the letter has been reproduced as written.

"I began actively investigating UFOs in 1981. At that time I had a close encounter on July 2, 1981 outside of Rawlins, Wyoming on Hwy 80. Three UFOs approached the highway and we abruptly pulled off to the shoulder. The middle one advanced to the pavement and contact was made. This incident was published in a book by Timothy Green Beckley of Inner Light Publishing out of New York and the information taken by Dr. Leo Sprinkle of Laramie, Wyoming a UFO researcher and therapist.

I have been a member of MUFON for about 20 years, and this year I was asked by George Parks MUFON Arizona State Director to take the field investigator's exam, which I did and subsequently became MUFON State Section Director for Pinal County. One of my investigations took me over to Mohave Valley where I met with a lady by the name of Piper Johnston. When I first read her report I had my doubts about her interpretation of events. On the way back from a meeting in California I went by Laughlin and had intended to go gambling to blow off some steam. On the way up 95, I got a very strong urge to stop and call her. The urge was so overwhelming I couldn't fight it. So I pulled off the road and made the call. Piper was photographing UFO after UFO day after day. She said whenever she gets a sense that they are around she goes out and takes pictures. Then she enlarges them and looks for UFOs and most every picture will have a UFO in it.

I also experience the same phenomenon since my close encounter, but I never thought about going out and just snapping pictures. Then on 9/10/08 at 8:30 P.M. I got that sense that they were out there and decided to grab my camera and take pictures. I have a 6 mega pixel HP camera with night portrait. It was storming outside and I began taking photo after photo. It was difficult trying to catch the lightening as it hit, but I managed at least two good shots.

When I came back in I downloaded my photos onto Windows Vista and was very surprised to see, not one, but two UFOs very close. There were actually several UFOs in the thundercloud. I sent the photos to Dominic Mancini a field investigator for MUFON in Phoenix and he in turn sent the photos to "RJN", a photography expert. "RJN" was able to "see" inside the windows with his equipment and the results were startling. This is undeniable proof that we are being visited and contacted."

We have created a special webpage to display the images that were obtained using a new technique called "PPP" (Penetrating Photographic Process), and as Christine has said, the results were startling. CLICK HERE to view this page.

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