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Alien Writings and Symbols
by Christian Macé

The Hebrew kabbalists, governors of a patriarchal worship, associated the owl with anathema. They made the living image of the “M” female to be the wife of the Prince of Darkness. In this primitive language, owl is written also like “Lilith.”

For a few moments, police officer Zamora saw the initials materialized on a flying saucer from another world in the sky over New Mexico. This invites us to reconsider all the problems of Unidentified Flying Objects which, for centuries, have haunted our skies and undoubtedly direct our own destiny.

At present we are interested in the signs of extraterrestrials, “the Ummites,” as described in the reports of Jean-Pierre Petit. (See the work, Ummo, The Extraterrestrial Language, by Antonio Ribéra. Éd. rock, 1984.

Let us note that this symbol of “Ummo” was seen on the UFO of Voronej, the USSR, on September 27, 1989: One also finds an inscription very closely approaching this in the petroglyphs of southernmost Venezuela and Brazilian Amazonia!


Writing of the “Ummites” (See the book by Marcel Homet, The Continuation of the Solar Gods, 1974, p 46.)

Writing of the “Ummites”

On the cover of two booklets, The Secret Government: The Origin, Identity and Goal of MJ-12 and Operation Trojan Horse: Earth in the Hands of the Small Gray (ed. Louise Courteau), is reproduced the emblem of the “GRAY,” Trilateral badge: a black triangle with red bottom. Let us note that the triangle is a universal symbol of our humanity…

“GRAY” invaders, mutilateurs, kidnappers… and in full activity on our “satellite,” the Moon!

In his book, They Were Not Alone on the Moon (ed. Belfond, 1978), George Leonard mentions various symbols found on the surface of “our” satellite. (See pages 162 and 163.)

One finds an enormous E or F on the bottom of several craters. Also, signs which resemble our letters A, X and P can be found scattered about.

The following sign frequently appears on the surface of the Moon, almost always surrounded by a circle or an oval. Leonard calls it the “tree of life,” and it is one of the oldest symbols of humanity in his opinion: This symbol closely resembles that of the “Ummite” writing (see above), and that observed by Lonnie Zamora in Socorro!

The aliens leave prints of faces resembling human configurations on Mars and the Moon. Like their writings., these extraterrestrial images offer, at least, astonishing similarities with our own humanity.

It is said that these symbols are found in particular in the writing of the old Germanic tribes of Northern Europe, the runes! But also in some Egyptian hieroglyphs, and in Chinese and Japanese writing!

As regards certain extraterrestrials … would they be our creators or our cousins?

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