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Zmora - Night Terror

by Piotr Cielebiaś Posted November 1, 2006

ZmoraI'm sleeping. Suddenly I could feel pressing in my chest area. I can't breath. I woke up seeing someone's legs - skinny and ugly, as if those of a dead person. I grasped them trying to throw it off but they're so heavy and I couldn't do anything.

Ancient Slavonic mythology is almost forgotten matter ; the fact that Polish children know the whole pantheon of Greek and Roman gods while don't know nothing [or almost nothing] about beliefs of their ancestors is a shame. Christianity that arrived to Poland in X century overcame all the beliefs. Christian Church still try to keep hidden the fact that Slavonic tribes were once pagans ; it seems to be still scared with the beings that went away - with ancient Gods, demons… Devils and other fairy beings.

Fortunately some of these beings survived in folklore and even in common language but the most stunning fact is that some of them bear similarities to beings encountered today in Close Encounters of the 3rd kind.

Beliefs of ancient Slaves remain unknown also abroad. Almost noone knows that in Polish folklore there exist a being that remind beings from present reports about "bedroom visitations". What's interesting, the being called Zmora [what became a synonym of "hag"], according to many witnesses' reports, can be still encountered.

This being left so strong trail that the word is still present in present Polish. Attack of this ghoulish entity, occurring also today, prompt us to ask a question: is this Zmora yet or already a "bedroom visitation"?

One of the most stunning present reports comes from July 1997.

The witness [from Ilawa city] was lying in a bed in a hotel room in Zakopane [Tatra Mountains]. She couldn't sleep. Her friend was also sleeping in that room. Then she hears a noise coming from corridor. He was lying and thinking. She was annoyed that sleep isn't coming and even she started to pray. After a while she could feel a strange feeling. He was paralyzed and wasn't able to move. Then she was observing a strange, misty entity lying on her.

It was made of whitish mist and was around 170 cm in height, as tall as the witness is. It had small, pear - shaped head and was extremely skinny. Its sharply pointed arms were embracing her tightly. She didn't notice any facial features. After some time the entity leaved. The woman fell asleep. She had a dream of strange, sad people gazing at her.

This report contains very significant clues linking infamous demon with today bedroom visitation. If we talk about its physical appearance, we must stressed that the being is sometimes variously depicted. Anyway, some reports mentions skinny beings, similar to common "Grays", although often non-material in nature. Sometimes it's also depicted as a female.

Zmora attacking Slaves for centuries, began a important part of beliefs. A people choking at night by unknown force, exhausted and tired after recovering were allegedly "sucked out" by the demon. In other version of the story, the being remains invisible during its attacks but in fact wasn't too scary and it was quite easy to fight it off. Although it usually "suck out" its victims pressing on their chest, the attacks can be also different in nature. In a certain report from the 1st part of XX century, we can encounter a story of a man attacked in his bed by unknown force. The man [from Czestochowa area], who was lying in his bed was unexpectedly and violently attacked by unknown creature leaving trails on his duvet. The being was scared off by his wife who allegedly thrown her rosary in its direction. This indicate that Zmora was sometimes linked with magic.

Of course, some reports can be easily explain with the witness' sleep problems but the most stunning reports involves statements of those, who claimed to see the creature. Some similarities between Zmora and Bedroom Visitations are obvious but there also differences. The main similarity is the being's appearance and some phenomena accompanying it's attack, as for example paralyze and the fact that encounters occur at night. Anyway, there are also differences as for example the fact that the being interfere directly with the witness what points to it's rather demonic nature. In fact we can encounter so various reports that link Zmora activity with possible signs of activity noted in close encounters of the 3rd kind, that the matter becomes very confusing.

Another one interesting report that allegedly involves physical traces on the witness' body comes from Silesian region. Once at night in 2003, a man living on a 3rd floor when he was sleeping he heard an ordnance that he had to lay on his back. When he opened his eyes saw that something is sitting on him and pressing. He was completely paralyzed and unable to move lying with his arms crossed. He could feel its presence but he wasn't able to regard any facial features of the being. The face almost resembled that of human and was made of pinkish or violet mist. The entity sitting on him was puffing ant panting and was scratching the man's body with claws. Then he lost consciousness and doesn't know what happened. When he woke up in the morning he was exhausted as if the night attacker has sucked all his energy. He was thinking about the event and wondered whether it happened in reality or was only a nightmare. Then he discovered SCRATCHED MARKS ON HIS ABDOMEN.

So there is a possibility that Zmora phenomenon is a peculiar kind of "bedroom visitor" [not always connected with these known from other reports] occurring in Poland [although there are also well known other entities of this kind encountered in other cultures] that in fact can be partially explained by various sleep malfunctions or for example lack of oxygen during one's sleep. Anyway, it's cannot be only an archetypical image hidden deeply in human mind since we must consider many reports when the being was allegedly seen by the witness or left physical marks.

We can note here how present reports of UFO influence on reports of beings rooted in folklore - it slowly becomes a some kind of mix linking the culture of the past ages with modern reality. With a quite immense archive of bedroom visitations in Poland, we can say that this phenomenon began slowly overpowering traditional people beliefs, replacing them with the new and quite well documented UFO and related phenomena.

By: Piotr Cielebias - "NOL - the Eastern European UFO Journal" by NPN [Poland] © for UFODIGEST, 29/07/06
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