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Willard "Mitt" Romney Does NOT Believe
In "Extraterrestrial Visitations"…
(But He Believes in "The Angel Moroni")

by Vince White

(Copyright 2007, Vince White - all Rights Reserved)

A.) To seek answers;


B.) To assemble an advisory team publicly, to create a detailed plan to work with Congress and other nations to end the long lie concerning this manner of deceptive government.

That would be, rather than the silliness inadvertently expressed, an act of true intelligence, leadership and honor, to lead the nation past the cowardice of his colleagues, laughter and ridicule, into helping the nation, with education and courage, to move the world into dealing with this serious but festering long-avoided reality.

Will someone, other than the late Ronald Reagan…

Ronald Reagn

Or, the early Dennis Kucinich and current Bill Richardson
show this (shall we call it)…

"Profile in Courage"?

Dennis Kucinich and Bill Richardson

Editor's (RM*) note:

How can Mitt Romney, as a practicing Mormon, believe in the Angel Moroni and not in "extraterrestrial beings" visiting the Earth?


"Angels" are certainly "not of this Earth" (Terra).
Hence, they are "extra-terrestrial."


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