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by Pablo Villarrubia Mauso

(Copyright 2007, Pablo Villarubia Mauso - All Rights Reserved)

And there was more. Joao Queiroz also said that they could hear the sound of a galloping horse that couldn't be seen, while the farm hands told stories of a "black-hooded phantom horseman."

Another important detail is that Hacienda Lade o Mata's very name bespoke the existence of an indigenous settlement. Queiroz himself, in his childhood, had found many pieces of ceramic, bones (perhaps from animals) and the circular indentations of where aboriginal shacks had once stood. Researchers had never mentioned this information. We subsequently learned that the region upon which the Villas Boas hacienda had once stood was occupied, until the 19th century, by the Kayapó indians. The Kayapó were decimated by diseases, persecutions and slayings visited upon them by the white man.

We returned to Queiroz's house. His wife, Maria Olimpia, told us that her husband's parents had committed suicide in 1947, and that the local peasants attributed the tragedy to the fact that the area was "bewitched."

It was as if everything had occurred as an act of vengeance carried out by the souls of the departed indians. Olimpia also stated that she had seen the two scars or wounds that Antonio Villas Boas had on his chin, which he attributed to the placement of suction cups that drew his blood aboard the craft.

Abducted by Humans

The next day, after a night of restless sleep in Doña Manuela's decaying boarding house - we had the fortune of finding Odercia Villas Boas, Antonio's closest sister. Now 70 years old, but with an impressive memory and recovering from cancer, Odercia welcomed us with great courtesy to her humble residence. Her most valuable asset is an old TV set that barely picks up the broadcasts. We were the first researchers to interview here on the Villas Boas case, by her own admission.

Pablo Villarubia Interviews Antonio's sister, Odercia Villas Boas

"Our father owned a lot of land. My brother tilled the soil with the tractor and became a cattleman, transporting cattle to distant cities," she recalled longingly.

"I was the first person who tended to him after he had been inside that device."

Here we were faced with a privileged witness, since it hadn't occurred to anyone to interview her and her contributions would be extremely important in adding greater depth to the Antonio Villas Boas case.

"He arrived at five o'clock in the morning. He was very pale and trembling. I saw that he had two bruise marks on his chin. I gave him some very strong coffee to drink, but then he vomited a yellowish substance. He didn't want to eat the hen I'd cooked for him. Then he told me what had happened. That the tractor had stopped, that he'd been dragged into that thing and that he slept with a very ugly woman. He slept poorly at nights, had nightmares."

"You looked after him, then." I said.

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