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UFO "A Flying Aircraft Carrier"
says Sabre Jet Pilot

by Michael Knight

So whats it all about?

Could it be that the day of full disclosure is just around the corner? And could that full disclosure come, not from "us" but from "them"?

(Can you imagine a fleet of flying "aircraft carriers" suddenly appearing in the sky near you? Would your Hollywood-induced shoot-em-down attitude jump to the forefront? Or would you realize, once youd got over your shock, that these entities just might be here to stop us committing mass suicide, courtesy of our own insane belief that peace is only possible if you pull the trigger? And of course, you have to be the first to pull the trigger...and then you can live in peace...with a corpse...which was once our world...).

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Good hearted forward-looking people see a different future. A future that does not include killing everything and everyone. Instead, its a future in which we actually welcome ETs who at last show themselves in such numbers that no-one can doubt what they are seeing.

Is that perhaps why countries like France and Britain have begun releasing some of their files? Are they secretly aware that some of our "space brothers" (and sisters) are not only immeasurably ahead of even our best black budget projects, but at the same time, genuinely have no intention of doing unto us as we would do unto them?

Without losing sight of the fact that its unlikely that all ETs are benevolent, therefore National Security (in this case, World Security) may have been a legitimate concern for at least half a century, could it be that in this century, at a time when the "nuclear option" is yet again up front in too much political rhetoric...well, just maybe its time for us to finally see how far we too could evolve.

Let us hope that is why secret files are being released at the same time that more and more UFOs real ones, not fakes are being seen around the globe. Disclosure may be much closer than we have imagined.

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