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Stephane Wuttunee was first published at 17, Plains Cree and French Canadian author and storyteller Stephane Wuttunee's writing credits include 2 1/2 years as a columnist for a national Native newspaper (THE WINDSPEAKER) and a book of short stories entitled FIRST FLIGHT - Tales Of The Nomad. Besides penning articles for Environment Canada and regional periodicals and newspapers such as The Nation and Alberta Sweetgrass News, he has also spent the better part of fifteen years toiling to create DREAMING THE PYRAMID. His website can be seen at: An experienced public speaker, Stephane has presented in schools and at conferences throughout Canada and the high Arctic, as well as in parts of New Zealand and Australia. Email Stephane.

Population Earth: 500 Million.
Reexamining the Illuminati's Master Plan

by Stephane Wuttunee

Posted: 11:20 November 2 2009

Despite its inherent madness and insanity, one has to admit that from a certain perspective, the Illuminati's supposed intent to eliminate a large portion of human beings from the Earth through economic, biological, psychological, and spiritual warfare actually makes sense.

Whoa - back up!

Have I lost it?

Well, no. I haven't.

For the record, allow me to state that as of yet, I have not received the vaccine injection - (and neither do I intend to, after having performed extensive research). No person has contacted or bribed or coerced me. No mind-altering substances course my veins. Rather, I'm simply looking at our current predicament as a species through a bird's eye view.

You see, when one is in the air at 55,000 feet and looking down from a window towards our glorious planet Earth, it becomes ridiculously easy to let the mind wander and start thinking about our existence through a deity's mindset. So please indulge my temporary delusion and jump on with me for the ride, will you? I promise it will be interesting.

Earth's population currently sits at nearly 6.8 billion human beings. If the Georgia Guidestones are correctly interpreted, then what may be setting itself up to take place soon is a culling of the human herd - to the tune of 500 million people being spared from death. Obviously, that means a lot of people will soon be having a very bad day - if the supposed plan works out.

But is such a plan even likely to exist? And if so, is it feasible?

Any rational mind would conclude upon looking at our state of being upon planet Earth that we stand on thin ice in terms of whether or not our kind is sure to exist and evolve within the next few years. With ever increasing numbers of people gobbling up an ever shrinking pool of natural resources, we are headed down a treacherous path. And if the natural world is anything to go by these days, what usually happens in such scenarios is one of two things:

1) We will continue to multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and we die off in huge numbers from malnutrition and disease, leaving behind a scarred and damaged planet.

2) We will somehow 'wake up' and undergo a paradigm shift and collectively reduce our numbers just in time before calamity strikes through a self imposed moratorium or slowing down of our birth rate.

The bottom line is that we are in deep trouble. And if something is not done soon to help or force us to reverse course or change direction, most of us will die prematurely.

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