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UFO Crashes and Blackouts in Northern Argentina
by Scott Corrales

According to researcher Guillermo Aldunati, an object fell from the sky on the sunny afternoon of either the 17th or 18th of August, 1995 near the mountain known as El Crestón, neighboring the city of Metán. His report suggested that "thousands of people" had witnessed the UFOs maneuvers, and that it had apparently been shot down "by air-to-air missiles" from another, unknown type of aircraft, described as being triangular in shape (an F-117 Stealth fighter?)

"Hours later," read Mr. Aldunati's report " a small private plane flew over the crash site and it too fell to the ground. The pilot later said that source of electromagnetic energy caused his plane to crash." Although his name was not featured in the initial communication, the pilot in question was crop-duster Antonio Galvagno, whose experience and near-collision as a result of this incident led him to become a valuable member of the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía, and his name has been mentioned prominently in reports on the 2009 incident involving a UFO "mothership" flying over the city of Joaquin V. Gonzalez.

The fact remains that something happened near Metán, and that an effort was made to cover it up. The landscape displayed clear signs of the impact of an object that had been dragged for many kilometers, leaving a wide, burned scar on the ground, which allegedly remains cordoned off to this very day. The force of this impact was such that seismometers were set in motion some ninety miles away.

Government agencies responded to the collision as any official authority would, sending out rescue and recovery teams from the town of Rosario de Lerma in the belief that badly injured survivors would be found from an object that "exploded in mid-air"- according to the residents of small communities who excitedly described the incident, the deafening explosion and the resulting earthquake sensation.

The rescue and recovery team, led by Pedro Olivera, reached the foothills of 9000-foot El Crestón and found the ruined landscape of charred vegetation and blackened rocks. If newspaper accounts are to be trusted, a metallic object was at the center of the ruined terrain (whether an alien probe or terrestrial rocket booster was never established). Olivera's team reported their finding and was inexplicably told to abort their mission and return home.

In subsequent days, local residents reportedly witnessed all terrain vehicles driven by "English-speaking personnel" heading toward the crash site. An anonymous report from an employee of the Universidad Nacional de Salta claimed that the foreign personnel was escorted by University personnel and technicians from a local nuclear power plant (not mentioned, but possibly the CNEA conversion plant at Pilcaniyeu near Bariloche or the Canadian-built Embalse plant in Córdoba)

The unnamed source made a further claim that hearkened Roswell: the outsiders had recovered pieces of material - slivers of a material resembling aluminum that "assumed a concave shape when joined" with an "an unusual consistency" - and that orders were given to characterize the event as an meteorite impact, displaying the appropriate chunks of rock to the media. On September 1, 1995, journalist Raúl Córdoba stated his belief that "NASA personnel" had visited Northern Argentina in an effort to conceal the truth, finding willing cat's-paws in the administration of the Universidad Nacional de Salta.

Parallels were soon drawn with the 1979 crash near the Bolivian city of Tarija, which received coverage in the UFO press, both national and overseas. But only a year early, the sleepy community of Villa Mercedes had experienced its own brush with the unknown, jamming the switchboard of the local radio station with calls reporting "a procession" of fifty UFOs across the night skies in May of that year. Broadcaster Otto Gall was able to see the wedge-shaped formation of blue-green objects between 22:15 hours and midnight.

According to a sergeant at the Villa Reynolds airfield, not far from Villa Mercedes, the objects traveled at approximately fifteen thousand feet and resembled oval-shaped craft without any signs of portholes, and making no noise whatsoever. Argentinean "ham" operators were able to monitor communications from Chile, across the majestic Andes, announcing that a massive fleet of "platillos voladores" had just penetrated their airspace.

Allegations of a UFO crash also followed in the wake of this 1978 incident. A tremendous explosion, suggesting a ground impact, prompted the National Gendarmerie to send out forces to comb the region that includes the communities of Las Pavas, Baritú and Los Toldos in the hopes of finding whatever it was that had fallen out of the night skies.

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