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What Makes a Place Haunted?
by Stephen Piperno

Posted: 2:00 December 16, 2006

Alcatraz Prison is thought to be one of the most haunted
places in America.

Many hotels, cemeteries and prisons are said to be haunted. Places like Alcatraz, Stull Cemetery in Kansas City, Kansas and the Adams Mark hotel in Buffalo, New York are said to have ghost roaming around. Why do ghosts tend to stay in certain locations and keep far away from others?

Ghosts are often seen where pain and suffering occurred for certain individuals. Many ghosts tend to haunt places where their pain was said to be the greatest. In the case of Alcatraz prison, ghost hunters have often stated that great pain and poor treatment occurred towards the prisoners of Alcatraz. Therefore, ghosts have been seen and heard on this island time and time again. It has become one of the most sought after places for ghost hunters. Stull Cemetery is nicknamed “the gates of hell” because it is said that the devils child is buried there. It is said that a boy was able to turn himself into a werewolf here and Satanists conduct rituals here. In 1812, buildings and homes were destroyed on the property where the Adams Mark hotel sits today. The homes and buildings were destroyed in the war of 1812 in Buffalo, New York. As you can see, there has been some negative energy around these places.

You often do not hear about a ghost haunting in places like Walt Disney World or Football and baseball stadiums. Ghosts tend to hide in places that once were theirs and they consider these places to have painful memories. It appears as though ghosts just want to tell a story. Ghost hunters tend to visit places that are haunted because they know that they may be able to catch a glimpse of a ghost on film or audio. The ghost hunter is well aware of the fact that a ghost is making movement because they are upset about something or they just want to make their presence known.

Ghosts tend to make their presence known to all kinds of guests. They do not have a preference towards those that believe in them or not. Most skeptics that have a first time encounter with a ghost, usually become believers in the paranormal. It only takes one encounter to realize that ghosts do exist. Most people in the United States and around the world do not report any ghost in their home. The majority of people in the world have calm homes or those where no haunting is present. People are often shocked to hear about a ghost haunting or someone stating that their house is haunted. Most ghosts choose not to live in homes because there is not enough energy there for them to materialize themselves. A ghost can only get stronger if there is energy present to allow themselves to become stronger. It is clear that ghosts do not like to harm most people’s homes. They tend to choose places that are large and are usually public attractions such as: cemeteries, hotels, churches, museums, ships and dance clubs.

Most ghosts tend to make their presence known as the way they were before they died. They want people to see them as who they once were and they tend to hold onto past memories. Many ghosts can materialize themselves in physical form. The author Katherine M. Ramsland of the Book “Ghost” stated that she had stayed in the house of Lizzie Borden overnight. Lizzie Borden was the daughter accused of killing her parents on August 4, 1892 in their home in River Falls, Massachusetts. The author claims that she slept at the home of Lizzie Borden. She was the only guest to stay at the home the night that she stayed. The house is now a Bread and Breakfast. The author claims that as she slept, she dreamt of a girl talking to her and when she awoke, she found that her recorder had been turned to the off position. She had the recorder running when this happened.

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