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The Case For The UFO, The Philadelphia Experiment And The Gypsy Connection...

Morris K. Jessup was a UFO researcher of the 1950s era, a time that is sometimes called the Golden Age of Flying Saucers, with a solid background in academia.
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ONCE UPON A MISSING TIME is a powerful and emotional journey involving married couple Alan and Pamela Morrison and their teenage daughter Wendy.
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More unsettling events at Dulce Part II

A book by Anthony Sanchez UFO Highway leads to new questions over the mysteries at Dulce, NM
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Book Review of The Kendall Stone

Due to the nature of my own research, one of the aspects of The Kendall Stone this reviewer found most interesting is; nearly everything about the story contained within its pages has been documented
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Alien propulsion details revealed

Learning how ET travels to Earth from the stars has always been one of Ufology’s biggest mysteries. And since extra-terrestrial craft began crashing - at least by the 1930’s
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“UFO AGENDA: So You Want to Know the Truth?”

The following interview with Diane Tessman, author of the brand new book UFO AGENDA, was conducted by the editor of QUANTUM SHAMAN website and periodical.
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The Truth About The Pig-Man!

After ten years, an author has tracked down the 'truth' about the beast of Cannock Chase.
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Mount Shasta And A Dweller On Two Planets -- One of America’s Most Mystical Sites: From Giant Lemurians To Underground UFO Bases

It is a given that many of the beliefs currently held by the New Age movement have their origins in ancient times. Nevertheless, the modern incarnation of the New Age community of belief
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Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds: Review

he July 2013 issue of Fortean Times' Book Review section contains a very nice review of Brad and Sherry Steigers' Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds entitled...
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The Octopus from Hell Part II

Chemical magnate Al Holbert was a former Israeli intelligence officer who gave special education classes to law enforcement agencies in the U.S. His address was Fort Mead, home of the Intelligence...
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The Octopus from Hell

Cheri Seymour’s prologue to The Last Circle overviewed how versions of PROMIS software were a “two way” backdoor integration for tracking money laundering and intelligence data of countries:
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Why Take Alien Abduction Seriously?

You and your spouse are en route to your weekend camping enclave near Buena Vista, Colorado. Family and friends await your arrival. You have descended Kenosha Pass, a 10,000 foot high cut that leads..
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Can We Believe The Accounts Of Crashed UFOs?

In a new book from Global Communications called “The Case For UFO Crashes: From Urban Legend To Reality,” author and publisher Timothy Green Beckley..
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The Hidden Breakaway Empire Part II

Through Reinhard Gehlen’s Nazi Intelligence Network/ MK-Ultra/ Artichoke and Operation Midnight Climax emerged. One hundred and thirty Paperclip dossiers had been cleansed. The CIA’s Dulles, says Koma
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The Hidden Breakaway Empire

“Our common defense against these predatory ET types is limited but growing”, says Ed Komarek, speaking about his research on extraterrestrials in UFO Exploiters and the New World Disorder,