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The Paris and M6 Crashes

Over two years ago I came across a very strange story concerning an automobile crash and a possible time traveler. I contacted the writer of the article, a freelance journalist named Mark Collins, and
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A Conversation With Joshua Shapiro: In Search Of The Blue Crystal Skull - Part Three

I had a vision in the second journey in which I saw myself onboard like a spacecraft that Atlantis would have. They would have craft that levitated. I saw myself coming to South America with sacred t
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A Conversation With Joshua Shapiro: In Search Of The Blue Crystal Skull - Part Two

The next thing I know is the shaman’s grandson comes up to me and says, “We’re going to one of the sacred lagoons, and if you want to see how we do the healing you’re invited to come with us.” And I s
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A Conversation With Joshua Shapiro: In Search Of The Blue Crystal Skull

The name Joshua Shapiro has become synonymous with crystal skulls and he is one of the leading experts on what they may ultimately mean. For more than 30 years, he has investigated the mystery surroun
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UFOs: From Russia with Love

Analysis of the remains were conducted by a number of scientists including V. Vysotky, Doctor of Chemistry, Dr. V. Skavinsky of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of the Siberian Branch of the So
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Who goes there?

A blow by blow account and history of what happened at Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, Eastern
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UFOS: THE Trans-Human Connection

When it comes to the serious, technical study of UFOs, for the last several decades it seems that we have been largely left in the dust.
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"Are we alone in the Universe"? - UFO: The Search for Truth (Volume 2)

As an inquisitive follower of the UFO situation I was significantly attracted to this immense work, UFO: THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH, by Pat Regan. I was however a little cynical at first of ex- Mod Nick Pop
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Dirty Politics Second Edition, 2013

Pat Regan's book Dirty Politics is most certainly `not' a work of fiction. All information within its remit is based on hard facts, personal experience and evidence gleaned from years of tough campaig
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Creating: A Paranormal Realities Reading List

Read a wonderful book by Olga Hoyt, titled, "Exorcism", for evidences required to open a mind closed to these possibilities. Two amazing books about demonic possession, past life recollections and cla
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Down Under

Richard S. Shaver once said about the Hidden World beneath us: “The unseen world beneath our feet, malignant and horrible, is complete in its mastery of earth. And most horrible of all, it is a world
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The UMMO Affair: Are Extraterrestrials Living Among Us?

The UMMO phenomenon is an anomaly unto itself in the world of UFOlogy. It is as yet a still unsolved mystery and cannot be easily dismissed in spite of how unlikely it would appear to be on the surfac
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Crooked trail of UFO denial outlined in UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry

“Illusion, misdirection and ridicule are the three legs of the stool of deception,” says author Richard Thieme.
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Unraveling The Secret Life Of The Mysterious George Hunt Williamson: Renowned Ancient Astronaut Theorist, Occultist and Witness To The Flying Saucer Contacts of George Adamski - Part II

The Williamsons, the Baileys and two other Adamski disciples claimed to be witnesses to Adamski’s famous meeting with Orthon, a handsome blond man from Venus, near Desert Center, California, on Novemb