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"PETER SWIFT AND THE SECRET OF GENOUNIA” by Pat Regan, weaves an exceptionally thrilling mystical tale, as Lancashire school boy, 11 year old Peter Swift, encounters a terrifying phantom on his grandf
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Peter Swift and the Secret of Genounia

‘Peter Swift and the Secret of Genounia’ is a mystifying English ghost story that just had to be told. It also carries several hidden messages that once learned will never be forgotten.
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Roswell Revealed: The New Scientific Breakthrough into the Controversial UFO Crash of 1947

Witnesses heard an odd explosion in the midst of a severe electrical thunderstorm. The following morning a large amount of dark-grey metallic foil and plastic-like beams and sheets were found scattere
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New Book Claims To Be From The Future!

A new book by two best-selling authors, Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman, This Book is from the Future: A Journey Through Portals,
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Real Cowboys Meet Real Aliens In New Book by UFO Researchers

Yes, there were UFO sightings by cowboys, ranchers, and others in the "Old West." Perhaps not as dramatic as Hollywood's version, these true-life UFO cases of the 1800s are nonetheless every bit as in
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New Book Claims Alien Contact Expanded Human Consciousness

Since prehistoric times all cultures report encounters with strange beings and crafts from the sky as well as stories of extra-planetary experiences — that is, travel to other planets, moons, and star
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UFO Crash in Dalnegorsk, Russia

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American Version of Alien Autopsy Book - LAUNCHED TODAY!

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Is A “Breakaway Civilization” Behind The Mysterious Secret Space Program?

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A Bevy of Earthly Saucers - The Manmade UFO Controversy (Part 2)

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Review of 'Hide Me Among the Graves'

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Ninety-Seven Quirkly Takes From South Carolina

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Nick Redfern's Spying on the Saucer Writers

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Earth's Destiny Beyond 2012

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Soviet Nukes Activated By UFOs!