Book Reviews

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The Source Field Investigations

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Book Review of 'Dreamed Up Reality'

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UFOs Come For Their Own: The Raphael Chacon Case

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The Final Testament of the Holy Bible - James Frey

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UFOs & Aliens – A Phenomenon That Won’t Go Away

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Cosmology and the Origins of Civilization as Discussed in Laird Scranton's The Cosmological Origins of Myth and Symbol

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Were The 1990s The Tragic 'Lost Decade" For Disclosure?

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Alleged Real Extraterrestrials Portrayed in New Light

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"Kuan Yin - Ancient Extraterrestrial God?"

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Review of "Cowboys & Aliens"

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The Werewolf Book: Beware Wild Animals On The Loose!

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You Are Made of Sound: The Quantum Physics of Affirmations and the Law of Attraction

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Going Back A Bit In Time – Revisiting The Early Days Of UFOlogy And The Contactee Movement

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Area 51 book is thought-provoking despite Roswell story

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Not on My Roswell – Why the Joe Stalin Saucer Explanation for Roswell Is More Disinformation