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Book Reviews

Paul Schroeder's picture

Carl Jung and UFOs: A Debunker of Dubious Intellect

Mary Alice Bennett's picture

"Circles of Dreams - A Crop Circle Coloring Book"

David P Kuhlman FFSc's picture

Alien Autopsy Casebook - (The Full Facts Finally Revealed)

Dirk Vander Ploeg's picture

The Secret History of Extraterrestrials: Advanced Technology and the Coming New Race

Robert L. Mason's picture

Book Review: Science, UFO Invisibility and Transgenic Beings

Theresa J. Thurmond Morris's picture

ET Power Of Ascension

Steve Hammons's picture

New book 'A.D. After Disclosure' helps us handle UFO truths

Dirk Vander Ploeg's picture

Stan Fulham's Next Alien Communiqué

Robert L. Mason's picture

Book Review: Mirage Men by Mark Pilkington

Sean Casteel's picture

Are The Men-In-Black A Form Of UFO Terrorism?

Steve Hammons's picture

New UFO book errs on pilot sightings, says NBC News analyst

Steve Hammons's picture

New book and movie planned seeking truth about UFOs

Robert D Morningstar's picture

A Kean Eye For UFOs: Chris Rutkowski on Leslie Kean's New Book

Dirk Vander Ploeg's picture

Exciting New Book on Evolution, God and the Gene Pool - The Levi Genes

Timothy Green Beckley's picture

Review Of A Classic Book On The Inner Earth Mystery


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