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Medical Science Labeling Spiritual and ET Experiences

Our current level of medical knowledge is still at the infantile stage, simply because of their failure to recognize the spiritual and subconscious level of the science.
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Is the Law of Attraction Magic? Exploring the Reasoning and Manifest Mind

The Reasoning Mind need not be thought of as antithetical or somehow prohibitive to successful use of the Manifest Mind,. Paleolithic cave paintings depicting (thereby visualizing, affirming a
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Surviving A Serial Killer: How to Recognize an Encounter with a Serial Murderer.

Possession by Dark Force Entities is the spiritual explanation for a serial killer
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Miike Snow feat. Lykke Li - Black Tin Box (Case & Point Bootleg)

Just received a message through Facebook from my cousin Casey Vadum. He is a musican and he and his friend TJ Jordan have just released this colloboration. This song is a remix done by their act, "Ca
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Dreams, Deja-vus and Reality Overlays: Can Past Lives Haunt Your Present Reality?

Possible indicators that another lifetime is encroaching on your waking reality are recurrent, familiar dreams as well as deja-vus...
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Monsters and other Scary, Nighttime, Bedroom Intruders

The pre-sleep mind is on the threshold of other consciousness and other astral worlds; what one can do, when parasitic spiritual bullies float in
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Law of Attraction, Vibrational Parameters, UFOs, Earth Portals, and Space-Time Anomalies

In our modern era we have yet to fully understand the relationship between time, space and gravity—much less with consciousness.
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Strange Sounds Heard, Communication Between ETs, Whales and Dolphins?

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Doomsday 2012?

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MY PREDICTIONS FOR 2012 article, Revisited

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UFO crash in Kentucky

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What Does NASA Know?