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Our Haunted Planet
by John A. Keel
from Galde Press, Inc. $14.95

While hairy, beetled-browed cavemen were laboring to invent fire and the wheel, there already existed on this planet a highly developed civilization of intelligent beings.

Our Haunted Planet

Our Haunted Planet

Since the beginning of recorded time, man and his world have been plagued by unknown forces and beings, baffled by archaeological phenomena, and haunted by prophecies that often came true.

In the classic Our Haunted Planet, John Keel brings into chilling focus strange truths about the earth and its mysterious inhabitants. It is in this unseen prehuman race that guides us and miseads us, uses us for its own entertaimment, and controls our every action.

Here is evidence of:

Advanced civilzations existing thousands of years before the cave man

The strange Men in Black

People who vanish and reappear within hours in another part of the world

Angels and demigods who appear and make startling predictions that never
  come true

John Keel is a researcher into strange phenomena and the author of many books on the unexplained. A world traveler, he has visited exotic locations from Tibet to West Virginia. He has lived in California, France, Egypt, Iraq, and anywhere his Fortean investigations have carried him. He has a bimonthly column in Fate magazine. He currently lives in New York City.

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