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I'm a retired journalist and an avid researcher of all things mysterious and unexplained. I've spent more than 50 years investigating UFO's, ghosts, Cryptids, etc. I believe that mankind MUST unravel the mysteries represented by UFO's, ghosts, spirits, reincarnation, crisis apparitions to finally know how these apparently diverse phenomena relate to us as human beings in terms of where we came from, what we're doing here and where we're going after we die.

I am now a confirmed fan and believer in Pat Regan's stand against all the organized religions of earth, especially the four major religions, which have caused more misery, death and human suffering than anything else throughout our history. Like Mr. Regan, I too, believe religious extremism will eventuallly lead to the total annhiliation of humanity and the total destruction of all life on earth. My opinion of humanity has never been lower than it is today and I do not hold out any hope that human beings will be able to overcome the inertia and layered stupidity which keeps us in an adversarial relationship that guarantees a deadly spiral to total extinction

Unlike many New Age believers, I do not hold out any hope that the UFOnaughts are going to come down to earth at the last moment and save us from ourselves. If we were able to make a dramatic, radical change in our way of thinking about ourselves and decry religion as a false and toxic waste of time and energy, perhaps there wouldn't be any need to look for or long for hope from above.

My idea is to challenge all the religions of the world in a "God Test" in which the leaders of all major religions gather in the so-called "holy land" and each call on their "god" to come down and show incontrovertible proof of their existence. Let them each have an altar and call on their gods with prayers and offerings for one hour. If after each religious leader has been given the opportunity to summon their "god" and no god has made an appearance, then these religious leaders must acknowledge before the whole world that their god does not exist and that mankind is therefore free to pursue a new philosophy of spiritualism and prosperity based on freedom of expression, respect for all other human beings based on respect for human life and on our mutual common interest in preserving the health and resources of our planet and in providing a safe, sane and productive future for our children and generations to come.

I welcome any help or suggestions in making the "God Test" a reality, becuase without some kind of dramatic demonstration of the futility of  religious dogma and fanaticism, we're all basically doomed to either remain locked in constant warfare and strife or total annihilation.


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