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Hugh Mungus

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About me: 

Ex-adult film actor Hugh Mungus wrote four episodes for the television series The X-Files. Fortunately for you, the viewer, none of his scripts were ever produced.

Hugh is also the author of S.C.A.M.: The Screenwriter's Code to Accumulating Millions; a.k.a. Syd Field on Acid, a wildly unpopular publication read by three people, including Hugh, himself.

From dating a XXX movie actress named Chocolate, to scanning the skies for anomalous craft on the fringes of Area 51, Hugh has indulged in a few of life's innumerable pleasures.

Proud to be able to count the number of times he's worn a suit on one hand, Mr. Mungus is generally found wherever there's cheap alcohol, cheaper motels or anything remotely paranormal.

Feel free to follow What's to Stop an Atheist From Lying on the Witness Stand?, Hugh's contribution to the blogging world, at the first link below:


Photos from the metaphysical motorway:


More pictures from supposedly spectral sites:


Unless you're the IRS, or a vengeful husband, feel free to contact Hugh:


Hugh's favorite brand of hooch:



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Hugh Mungus


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