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From Flagstaff, Arizona.  Yes, I have visited Lowell's Observatory, but at the time, I wasn't too thrilled as it was eleven below zero, and the professor of the Astronomy Class I was in was inside with a nice, hot cup of coffee, which he raised from time to time to toast us as we turned into icicles!

I graduated from Flagstaff High School in 1950, went to Arizona State College, now Northern Arizona University, graduating in 1954.  I returnedd on a number of times of pursue my Master's in Business, but interests changed, and I never got it.

I was married twice, widowed both times, had six children, only two are still living.  I have twelve grandchildren, thirteen great-grandchildren, and counting.  I hope I don't start on great-greats very soon---I'm only eighty, I'm much too young!

I have an interest in paranormal things, mainly because I have lived most of my life in honest-to-goodness haunted houses, and live in one, now.  My present house has footsteps where there isn't anyone, many times I think my brother has come upstairs from his basement room, but, it won't be him.  We hear a woman's voice, her singing or laughing--a very pleasant sounding voice and laugh.  The house is only 50 years old, but does have some interesting aspects.  I think the oddest, the one we cannot explain, is the very obvious sound of footsteps walking across the ceiling, which is the attic floor.  The house is a one-story ranch house, so, there cannot be anything connected to a second story.  I am constantly looking around when I am on the deck, as I distinctly hear a cat jump down from the railing, making a very loud 'thump,' but, there is never anything there. I also hear cats purr, meow, and some will jump up on my bed--along with the dog and my old yellow cat. My granddaughter lives with us, and she is quite psychic.  She says we have a black panther living int the back yard, a sabre cat that sleeps on the big hide-a-bed in the basement, and a few other creatures that watch over us.  The latter I have no doubt do exist because of some of the things that have happened on the property that escape explanation. Those creatures would take too long to explain, so I won't. I have a lot of odd stories, stories which have no real explanation, some that are just scary, and several that are just plain funny. 

UFOs are also of interest to me and my family.  I saw one in the summer of 1951, while sunbathing on my uncle's patio in Prescott, Arizona.  The thing was about 1200 to 1500 feet above me, was the typical silver, metallic, round saucer.  Couldn't see the top, though.  It appeared to be made of aluminum, and rather dirty stuff, at that.  What bothers me the most, is the bottom of the thing:  There were concentric circles, but I cannot, for the life of me remember whether there were two or three.  Sticks in my mind there were two.  No, I did not go running out to try to see it more clearly, as first, in 1951, young ladies did NOT run about on the street in bikinis!  Also, the area was heavily forested with Ponderosa Pines, and the trees quickly hid the craft.

I would like to relate some of my adventures one time, I have written them all up as a book form for the family, but they are open for othrs as well.

Thank you.

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