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William Grabowski

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UFO Digest will provide you with the latest UFO news from around the world. We will share our views on UFOs along with keeping you up-to-date with the latest videos and photographs of UFO sightings from across the globe. From abductions by UFOs to encounters of UFOs we will ensure that you have the most recent UFO News available.


UFOs are described as unidentified flying objects in the sky. No one can say for sure what UFOs are. Or can they? We will take a look at eyewitness accounts where people share their real life experiences of UFOs and aliens. The UFO phenomenon cannot be ignored. Public Officials and scientists are once again facing a new wave of interest from the public about these unexplained events. Everyday people are documenting their extraordinary and often terrifying footage of mysterious UFOs flying on a regular basis, almost undetected in our skies.

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About me: 

William J. Grabowski is the author of THE UNTOLD, described as a fantastic conspiracy-thriller (available on AMAZON). From 1984-1989 he was book-reviewer/interviewer for World Fantasy Award-winning THE HORROR SHOW magazine, earning a nomination from SPWAO as best nonfiction writer. His short fiction, articles, reviews, and interviews with Ray Bradbury, Peter Straub, Clive Barker, J.N. Williamson, Robert Bloch, Colin Wilson and many others have been published in HORRORSTRUCK, FANTASY REVIEW, SOLON HERALD SUN, HAUNTS, 2AM, NIGHTMARE EXPRESS, THE GATE, FORBES.com, NPR's WIRELESS and others. He recently has joined BEWARE THE DARK magazine as a Contributing Editor. Currently he is finishing a nonfiction book, BLACK LIGHT: PERSPECTIVES ON MYSTERIOUS PHENOMENA, and sharing it pre-publication on his blog, THE NIGHT RUN (thenightrun.wordpress.com). His darkly comic novella, JOHNNY FLASH ("An uneasy mix of THE BIG LEBOWSKI and THE X-FILES...") is due out in early 2014.


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William J. Grabowski


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