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Bright Lights and Loud Booms in Brunswick County, NC - Dec. 9, 2011

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Dirk Vander Ploeg's picture

UFOs and strange explosions in Brunswick County, North Carolina United States

And so I reopened my big file on this strange phenomenon of earthquakes and explosions sky. And I recall the study on the functioning of the Flying Saucer in the early 50's the French Air Force Lieutenant Jean Plantier. He cites a strange explosion near New York!


dorbitalsPt's picture

the shaking is a paranormal warning that a gigantic tsunami will enundate the East Coast about 200 miles inland. Magnetic North is moving at > 40 miles per year because all the tectonic ,continental plates are straining to shift suddenly with the sudden sinking of the islands off the coast of West Africa(causing the tsunami).

<p>Thomas G. Lee</p>

dorbitalsPt's picture

A new explanation of bright light in the sky from an impending earthquake is afforded by Seismo-magnetics ( SEE Seismomagnetics' studies in Japan). The satellite "Demeter" should look at the Carolinas' Coast for any changes each week( IR photos should be taken of the East Coast from the satellite , "Demeter".).

<p>Thomas G. Lee</p>