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Christian Macé's picture

Does this video contain evidence that the U.S. did not walk on the moon" The video is worth watching if only to allow your mind to speculate.

Continues: http://www.ufodigest.com/article/they-have-not-walked-moon-0928

Publisher's Note: A UFO Digest reader has sent us this warning regarding this video: 

My primary language is french and I can assure you that I understand every words in this video. This is an anti-documentary, a false one in other words. At the end of the generic, there's a man in suit who tells you the purpose of such documentary. The channel is Arte from France. Look it up and please put a notice in this article to avoid disinformation spreadings.

Thank you,




dmondeo's picture

David Munday · Works at Dilithium mines in Rura Penthe The video is in french so much of what was said is lost on me! But it is the same old argument that's been around for years. Yes the moon missions are not all we are led to believe but I do believe we have been there. I am skeptical of everything these days. I can't even shave without proving to myself that it is really my reflection in the mirror! Reply · Like · Follow Post · 3 minutes ago