Giant Planet size UFOs The Sun Stargate and Sungods

EPIC Nassim Haramein LECTURE at the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library. 2003. THE Sun-Stargate, Sungods & Giant Planet size UFo's.. View my pages for many more video's on the giant ufo's around the sun, the biggest archive on YOUTUBE!! 

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SUPERMAN - Man of Steel

A young itinerant worker is forced to confront his secret extraterrestrial heritage when Earth is invaded by members of his race.

After a long visit to the lost remains of the planet Krypton, the Man of Steel returns to Earth to become the people's savior once again and reclaim the love of Lois Lane. - IMDb

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The Encounter (Movie)

From ZacHilon

The Encounter is a short Sci-fi Film which takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada. The story tells of a successful happily married man who one day looses his wife and child due to a tragic car accident.

John "Michael Anthony" feeling torn apart and suicidal ventures out into the isolated desert and is witness to a UFO and a close contact with a Pleiadian. What John is about to embark on is truly a remarkable beautiful spiritual journey.

Written & Directed by Giovanni Sticco
Produced by Giovanni Sticco & Zac Hilon
Executive Producers - Giovanni Sticco & Mark Traversino
Film edited by Zac Hilon

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Was An Alien Base And Flying Saucer Found In Antarctica?

Very interesting and intriguing images from Google Earth, which seem to show two possible entrances to an alien base or at least an entrance to something, and a huge saucer shaped object buried in the ice. If there are Alien bases in the Antarctic it would follow that there are ET craft their also. 

Could the crashed saucer have come from one of these bases? And why have Google Earth censored the location? Interesting and worth a post. Images submitted via my website by Ryan Bolton.

UFO Over Netherlands Castle May 25, 2013

A UFO was caught on camera above the Muiderslot Castle in the Neatherlands, a historical landmark, the Huffington Post reported.
Corinne Federer, 43, was visiting the castle High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos of the castle, that was built in 1285 a.d. near Amsterdam.
"In order to create HDR images, you take three or more exposures -- this one happened to be five -- and you shoot them all at the same time, because you then overlap the images and it gives you the full spectrum of light, which your camera can't capture but your eyes can," Federer said.
Afterwards, Federer looked over the photos she'd taken and saw something very strange.

UFOs Holding Extraterrestrial Meetings Over Intergalactic Place!

Last year, Popocatepetl volcano became famous thanks for the footage of a cigar-shaped object that vertically entered the smoking crater. Experts from the International Astronomical Union excluded the version of a meteorite, as well as the version of debris that could fall during eruption. A careful analysis of the video showed that it is a well-rigged sham.

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The Life and Times of Norio Hayakawa

The truth about Area 51 in Nevada and Dulce, New Mexico:

On this special edition of Topic: UFO, Norio Hayakawa discusses his 50+ years of research into UFOs and UFO related activities.

Norio also talks about why he is known as The Unorthodox Ufologist.

UFO Video From Appleton WI, USA

This video of a cigar shaped aircraft in the rain was recorded north of Appleton WI. It hovers on one spot and turns slowly. The author of this video discovered it when he was looking out of his window. He got his camera with video function to capture it.

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UFO Over Lima Peru May 30, 2013

A number of people near Lima, Peru have reported seeing an odd shape in the sky in recent weeks, prompting many to wonder if the UFO is a sign of alien visitors.
The UFO was recently spotted on May 30, and an eyewitness said the UFO was shaped like a jellyfish when he first saw it, but said it changed shape a number of times.
For ten minutes, a cameraman for a one of Peru’s television networks videotaped the oddity in the sky.
Check out some of his footage, which aired on “90 Segundos” last week.

Slow-Low White Light UFO Filmed Over Northern Whitby,Ontario

I would like to share something extraordinary that has been observed in the Durham Region skies on June 3rd 2013.

For myself , once again. I’m just in utter shock!

Here in detail is what I personally witnessed of three UFO’s over Oshawa, Ontario.

While walking one of the dogs in our local park near Whitby’s Border.

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Popocatepetl Volcano UFO, MAY 30, 2013

Caught on camera Televisa that monitors the volcano Popocatepetl. Unidentified flying object with sudden change of career and seems to enter the crater. A day earlier, on May 29, CENAPRED camera also recorded an unknown light, where snow starts volcano area. These photos are posted on my page:

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Breathtaking Video of Flight Over Mars

The ESA's Mars Express has been 10 years since the road and circled the Red Planet. The original video is from the DRL and can be looked at under the following URL:  ....

William L. Moore, Manzano underground base and UFO disinformation

Here is the timeline....1945, Operation Paperclip lands in Albuquerque, New Mexico's Kirtland Army Air Base (from Ohio).....1947, CIA was established.....1947, NSA was established....1947, the Dept. of the Air Force was established.....1947, Sandia Laboratories were established...1947, Manzano underground storage facility was established.....1947, E. G. & G. Corporation was established.....1980,1981, Paul Bennewitz, Richard C. Doty, William L. Moore, etc. etc.
Also, 1967....Project Gasbuggy, near Dulce, New Mexico
1975, beginning of cattle mutilations.

Dulce, New Mexico, our first visit in 1990

Our first visit to Dulce, New Mexico in 1990.

Norio Hayakawa - Dulce, New Mexico, Area 51, Nevada - Director - Civilian Intelligence Network - Rio Rancho, New Mexico - Retired drector, The Civilian Intelligence Central.

Mars Curiosity Rover Photographs Strange Ruins, Missiles

Mars Curiosity rover photos have drawn much attention from space science enthusiasts and UFO observers. The latest "structures" include rock formations seen as some ruins and some kind of missile. But who knows - could these image interpretations be merely a result of rich and playful imagination?

In the past, a rodent, a flower and some shiny object (among others) have been discussed in forum sites and video channels related to Mars Curiosity rover. Images of these things have been reportedly spotted in rover photos. NASA, however, maintains no life or anthropological evidence has been scientifically found on Mars to date.