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Jeffrey Gonzalez: UFOs, Underground Bases and Strange Lights Over Sacramento

Jeffrey Gonzalez joins Dr. Rita Louise on Just Energy Radio where he discusses some of the unexplained activity that is happening in and around the Sacramento area including a potential extraterrestrial presence and government cover-up.

About Jeffrey Gonzalez
Jeffrey Gonzalez founded the Sanger Paranormal Society 3 years ago after noticing a lot of Paranormal activity in Central California. Jeffrey has had a interest in the Paranormal ever since he saw a UFO over the skies of Sanger at a young age. He is also the State Section Director and Investigator for the World’s largest reporting agency for UFO”S, “MUFON”. He has a Degree in Electronics where he works as a Technician for AT&T. He also has knowledge in security cameras and security systems which allows Jeffrey to put what he knows to work in solving the mysteries of the Paranormal.



UFO Hovers Over Romanian Parliament

A photographer captured this UFO hovering above the Romanian parliament in Bucharest on February 4, 2013!

Photographer describes getting a strange feeling as he took the picture.
He was stunned to look back at his photo and see the mystery object.
It shows UFO above the imposing Romanian parliament in a beam of light.
Snap mirrors famous film scene of spaceship flying over Washington.

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-For More Exclusive Information on UFO

Video of Meteorite or UFO Crash in Russian Urals?

From earlynewzneeded

A series of explosions in the skies of Russia's Urals region, reportedly caused by a meteor shower, has sparked panic in three major cities. Witnesses said that houses shuddered, windows were blown out and cellphones stopped working.

Atmospheric phenomena have been registered in the cities of Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg and Tyumen.

In Chelyabinsk, witnesses said the explosion was so loud that it resembled an earthquake and thunder at the same time, and that there were huge trails of smoke across the sky. Others reported seeing burning objects fall to earth.

Office buildings in downtown Chelyabinsk are being evacuated. The regional Emergency Ministry said the phenomenon was a meteorite shower, but locals have speculated that it was a military fighter jet crash or a missile explosion.

"According to preliminary data, the flashes seen over the Urals were caused by [a] meteorite shower," the Emergency Ministry told Itar-Tass news agency.



10 Ton Meteor Falls on Russia and Enflames UFO Panic

As awesome vapor trails filled the skies, which were raining down dangerous “bombs,” many people in the Urals of Russia believed that aliens were attacking and panic apparently ensued. Why do UFO occupants not land? This meteorite strike offers us a big clue!



Russian Space Attack!

I have been particularly fascinated by exhilarating reports coming in today (15 February 2013) regarding aerial objects crashing into the earth after being witnessed in the skies over Russia.

An alleged meteor crashing in the Urals of central Russia has apparently injured at least 400 people. The powerful shockwave smashed windows and jostled buildings.



Strange Light Over Necochea, Argentina - THE VIDEO

A videotape of another flying object over the city can now be added to the cases reported in Necochea on the Argentinean coastline. This video was obtained by the RIDERSTV NECOCHEA team, a film crew consisting of young residents of the city who film extreme sporting events (bodysurfing, surf, BMX, etc.)

Read the entire article: http://www.ufodigest.com/article/strange-light-over-necochea-argentina

Multicolored Lights Witnessed and Filmed Over Lake Ontario - THE VIDEO

Thought to share a interesting clip I took back Friday ,February 1,2013.

While heading home on the 401 eastbound towards Oshawa I noticed to the southeast over Lake Ontario very bright multicolored lights- pulsating.

Read the complete article: http://www.ufodigest.com/article/multicolored-lights-witnessed-and-filmed-over-lake-ontario


UFO landed with creatures, according to Indiana Woman - THE VIDEO

The story of a possible UFO landing with creatures took place in the Logansport, IN, area in the 1890s and is the oldest case logged in to date from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) where the case has a final determination as an Unknown UAV.

While the exact date or specific location may never be known, an attempt was made to bring the story to investigators on October 20, 2011, when a relative of the woman who revealed the early story presented Case 32747 to MUFON.

Read the entire article:  http://www.ufodigest.com/article/ufo-landed-creatures-according-indiana-woman


Did a UFO Turn Off the Super Bowl Lights? THE VIDEO

Reports are streaming in that a UFO has been captured on video over the Superdrome just  before the lights went off for 34 minutes during the big game in the Superdome between the Ravens and the 49ers!

Read the entire article: http://www.ufodigest.com/article/did-ufo-turn-super-bowl-lights

Arizona witness captures triangle lights over Chandler (VIDEO)

By Roger Marsh

An Arizona witness standing in a Chandler strip mall parking lot reported watching "three lights flickering like lanterns in a large, triangle shape formation moving silently west to east" about 8:35 p.m. on January 12, 2013, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

"This pattern of lights was odd to me," the witness stated. "It was traveling very slowly west to east. There were no flashing lights or spotlights like urban aircraft would have and no additional lights became visible like with some craft as its angle changed passing over. I immediately started taking phone video which is attached."

Article continues here: http://www.ufodigest.com/article/arizona-witness-captures-triangle-lights-over-chandler

Credits: MUFON database. Copyright 2013 Video: Roy Plisco  

Mexico UFO 2012-SUPER CLEAR Daytime Sighting!

Received this link and video from Jim B.
Most interesting is what the observer says at the end.. "It looks like it's heading out to sea. It's course ("su rumbo") is toward the ocean ("al mar")....
again lending weight to the theory that UFOs may be submarine based off the west coast and other regions.

The Evidence - Electromagnetic Changes in our Solar System [A Review]

According to the official line climate change is all our fault!
Maybe you agree, our lifestyles and dependance on fossil fuels are certainly not helping our planet that is true but climate change was always going to happen irrespective of our contribution.
Just consider this, climate change is happening throughout the solar system.
If you are interested in this,  our crazy weather patterns, the reason for chemtrails Check out this video.

Best viewed on you tube because links to all info are posted there.


UFOs The True Story of Flying Saucers 1956

Suggested by Brad Steiger

Enjoy this drama-documentary, based on the experiences of Al Chop, a reporter who served as press liaison for the Pentagon during its investigation of UFO's from 1947 to the early 1950s.

Miller, Soule, and Tremayne provide the voices for the narrated portions of the film. Although the movie contains only two brief film clips to serve as photographic evidence of UFO's, the producers build a good case based on the credibility of certain UFO witnesses (airline pilots, military personnel, radar operators, etc.).

On a more subtle level, director Winston Jones pulls off a clever trick; he begins the film as a pure documentary, but he gradually modifies this approach and focuses on reporter Al Chop's personal involvement in the UFO investigation. Chop slowly changes from UFO skeptic to UFO believer

The climax is a gripping reenactment of a true incident which occurred in 1950, when a group of UFO's cruised above Washington DC for several hours. The voice of Harry Morgan is heard over the radio as an Air Force pilot whose plane is literally surrounded by UFO's, during which Al Chop and a group of bewildered military men cluster around the radar scope, watching in wide-eyed wonder. Dramatically speaking, this scene is far superior to its counterpart in `Close Encounters of the Third Kind'. The most amazing thing about this film is the fact that it was made with the full cooperation of the United States government, and every scrap of evidence it presents was made available to any and all scientific agency who wanted to examine it.


Our world is Changing: Looking beyond 2012

This video reveals atmospheric changes, the causes and how our world looks to be changing.

This is a must watch for those wanting to know a little more about what is going on with our climate!



Paranormal Activity 4 Official Trailer

The Paranormal Activity franchise has been one of the single biggest movie success stories of the twenty-first century so far. The original movie was completed in 2007, but its creators had to wait until 2009 for a theatrical release. Presented in a simplistic, "found footage" style, the film was independently developed and, thanks to its small budget, went on to become the most profitable movie ever made after Paramount acquired the rights. Given the great financial results and positive critical response it generated, a sequel was almost inevitable and Paranormal Activity 2 was subsequently released in 2010.

Read the story behind the video: http://www.ufodigest.com/article/film-review-paranormal-activity-4

Incredible UFOs Land and Launch Over Denver 2012 HQ

We first learned about these sightings when a metro area man, who does not want to be identified brought us his home video. He captured the images on his digital camera from a hilltop in Federal Heights looking south toward downtown Denver.

He said, "The flying objects appear around noon or 1:00 p.m. at least a couple of times a week." The strangest part is they are flying too fast to see with the naked eye, but when we slowed down the video, several UFOs appear.

We altered the color contrast to make it easier to see. You can take a look for yourself by watching the video clip.

UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact full length

UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact full length. Paul Shishis forwards this url to us and comments, "Excellent informaiton".