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Mars Curiosity image found to be fake! Is NASA hiding something?

Is this the smoking gun?  The video shows how a recent Mars image has been doctored by photo shop type software with duplicated segments of terrain. What are we being kept from seeing? Can we really trust any images NASA releases to the public?

Electromagnetic Event: Magnetic Pole Shift Could Be In Progress

This is a great video that helps explain some odd things that are happening in 2012  and the connection between electromagnetism and the weather.  What is happening as we enter solar maximum. How the weather is being effected currently on Jupiter and Saturn with new storms.

This video if viewed directly on YouTube will enable you to access all the links provided for further research.


Donut Shaped UFO Netherlands, September 2012

Incredible UFO video of a circular object with hole in the center. Is this an alien space craft, secret military / governmental technology, or could this flying saucer have a different explanation? This is real actual footage and not fake or a hoax, filmed over the capital of Netherlands. Let us know what you think, and share your own sighting stories!

Is this the next step in your evolution?

But whatever your personal beliefs are, there is one thing we can all agree on:

The human race adapts to its surroundings.

When we found ourselves in darkness, we tamed fire.

When we wanted convenience, we harnessed electricity.

In Laredo, Texas, 1964, a radio repairman made an astonishing discovery about the human mind. Could this discovery hold the key to your personal evolution? http://bit.ly/SpOSvr

Article continues here: http://www.ufodigest.com/article/evolution-touchy-subject-some-people

Did Mars Rover Curiosity Captures Footage of Aliens?

After successfully landing on Mars, NASA rover Curiosity had its first test drive last week, sending back footage which some believed showed aliens. Curiosity moved forward just 15 feet, rotated 120 degrees and reversed 8 feet during its 16 minute test drive.

The footage sent back by Curiosity contained some blurry images and unidentified moving objects which some observers speculated might be aliens. Some experts explained later that the dust cloud was in fact generated when Curiosity landed, and the unidentified objects were probably dirt on the camera.

Received this video from Next Media Animation!

Lake Erie UFO - New Evidence

Publisher's Note: I am revisiting the UFO I videotaped on July 14, 2001. Technology has improved to the point where I can slow down the video and get photo captures needed to show clearly what I actually witnessed through the view finder.

Read the entire article: http://www.ufodigest.com/article/lake-erie-ufo-new-evidence

We Are Not Alone In The Universe

Or Are We Alone In The Universe?

A film by Franco B. Bottinelli and Marcel C. Kahn... based on Zecharia Sitchin's book Genesis Revisited...is there a 12th planet in our Milky Way Galaxy? Nibiru?

Frequency documentary 2012 - The Video

The first which looks like a bag and the second one is we think amazing,  I wil explain the ship is a plasma ship you don't see the complete ship but when you look at the picture there is a enhanched face of a grey.

You see the head and the black eyes, In our documentary called Frequency documentary 2012 we explain how these plasma ships work like a fishbowl.

Read the entire article here: http://www.ufodigest.com/article/ufos-over-spijkenisse-holland

UFO Recorded Over Brisbane, Australia 2012

I was just hanging out my washing when i noticed something shining in the sky, it just hovered there so i ran and grabbed my camera, when i started to film it started to hide behind the tree so i ran to a better spot to try and get a better view. I do not know what it was maybe someone can tell me...

WOW! Reply transmission complete from Arecibo Observatory!

Here is the video of the National Geographic Channel's transmission of celebrity messages (Stephen Colbert, Jorge Garcia, Miss Universe, and more) and 20K+ Twitter responses into space to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the WOW! Signal today, August 15. Media alert attached and below for details, including videos of celebrity messages.

Read the whole story: http://www.ufodigest.com/article/wow-reply-transmission-complete-arecibo-observatory


Does This Video Prove There Is Activity On The Moon? VIDEO

Publisher's Note: Tom Rose from the Examiner wrote an interesting article concerning a video posted on You Tube:

An amazing video posted on YouTube claims to show UFO activity on the lunar surface and unidentified flying objects hovering above the Moon. Can it be true?

The video, clips apparently taken from a longer documentary called "Moon Rising" is compelling because the objects caught on video don't seem to be lens flares or smudges. They seem to be substantial and in motion.

Read the rest of Tom's article: http://news.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleId=281474981547340


New Video Of Bigfoot in Louisiana

If you do not believe that this video is genuine and true simply call us at 1-985 351-7355 anytime. This is an open investigation and documentary of Bigfoot.  

Donald M. Walts is an amatuer Bigfoot hunter of the Louisiana woods.

Dated 8/23/11

Night-time UFO Sighting Over Spain

A UFO shaped flying saucer was sighted over Cala de Finestrat, Spain on August 7th, 2012.

UFO Videod Bellmore, Long Island, New York?

UFO or UFO's spotted in Bellmore, New York (Long Island).

This was shot with my Blackberry on August 11, 2012 and I have no idea what it was... Strange orange lights in formation or one big thing with 2 additional following behind... Not sure!!

White Bigfoot Filmed in Backyard

Man films White Bigfoot in Backyard Posted 2/3/10 by Anonymous poster Bobywade. We spent a great deal of time on this authentication. It shows a White Sasquatch twice, once for 1.4 seconds at maybe 50 feet and again at maybe 20 feet. The second clip is unobstructed by branch, so it is very clear. It appears that two people are walking toward it. One with a flashlight and one with a camera. The coned head, brow ridge, tree peeking, high shoulders, nose to nape, long upper lip, hooded nose confirm this very quick but very good video.

Here is the information accompanying this video: "The owner's story is that he knew of sightings of a white Bigfoot type creature in the area. When he heard a disturbance in his backyard of his wooded property, be brought a video camera and a flashlight out in hopes of catching the something on tape. When he heard the rustling of leaves in the distance he pointed his flashlight and camera at the spot, thus catching on creature on film. He claims he was 10 to 15 feet away from the creature. He says, 'I never really expected to catch anything like that on video.'

The town has been confirmed as Carbondale, Pennsylvania."


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