Mystery Explosion Seen On Live Traffic Cam

2012, marks the 15th anniversary of the Phoenix Lights Incident in which many residents of Phoenix, Arizona witnessed strange lights in a "V" formation hovering over a large portion of the city. To this day, no credible explanation has been offered from anyone on what they might have been. Interestingly, in the few days previous to this incident there were more than several reports of UFOs, and strange lights made from most of the southwestern US, some of which resembled the "V" shape of the Phoenix Lights.

More recently on 03/08/2012, during a live traffic report on KSAZ-TV, what appeared to be a bright flash of light from a distant explosion appeared in the background on the live traffic cam. It can be viewed at the following link.

To the time of this writing, no explanation has been given for the flash. No explosions, blown electrical transformers, or anything that could have produced the flash has been reported.

In analyzing the light from the video, it resembles the bright flashes of light and spherical shapes of the bomb blasts during both US led wars in Iraq.

It couldn't have been an explosion however, because the resulting noise and shock wave produced from such a blast would have resulted in hundreds of calls to 9-11 not to mention the damage at the focal point.

This brings us to yet another strange phenomenon that will go unexplained by science and never again, reported on by the media. Unlike the strange sounds phenomenon in which most cases can be dismissed as hoaxes, this incident was videotaped thus, proving something had to cause the flash and that the flash itself was real.

There are many plausible explanations for strange light experiences seen in the sky ranging from meteors, space trash reentering the atmosphere, to increased sunspot activity. However, these only mostly explain streaks of light or balls of light seen in the sky which many mistake for UFOs. The Phoenix Flash couldn't have been caused by any of the above mentioned because the light seemed to originate from the ground. If a piece of space trash or meteor was responsible for the flash it would have had to have been several hundred miles away making the flash appear to be at ground level on the horizon. This explanation falls apart, due to the fact that if such a distant celestial object were responsible for the flash in Phoenix there would have been many reports of a strange flash of light seen. Reports should have come from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Diego to the west since the flash was seen looking west, but no such reports were made on that night.

The only plausible explanation that holds any credibility would be that it may have been the result of a static electrical discharge produced by agitated protons and neutrons in the atmosphere caused by the dramatic increase in solar activity.

Unlike the strange sounds phenomenon which is only less than a year old, reports of flashes of light in the night sky have been going on for centuries. Although most accounts involve spheres and shapes of some kind where the light was emitted, some light phenomena could have been caused by heat lightning. This phenomenon occurs mostly in a clear night time sky, where the observer experiences flashes of light that seemingly have no point of origin. This effect is created by thunderstorms several miles away where lightning in the upper cloud tops can be seen at great distances in the form of flashes of light at ground level.

Strange lights have been reported over the years in areas just prior to earthquakes. These lights are the result of static electricity discharged by the sudden fracture process of plate’s miles under ground.

The only explanation for the Phoenix Flash has to be that it was a ball of luminous plasma, visible for a split second, created by atmospheric agitation from solar activity. In such a case, it may even be possible that people in the vicinity of the flash wouldn't notice it because of the outward direction of light from the nucleus of the short lived plasma ball.

With 2012, being a huge year for solar activity, many more strange light effects can be expected in most parts of the world. Along with this fact, there seems to be a marked increase in fireball sightings of late. Aside from some of it being space trash, there appears to be an increase in meteor and natural space rocks responsible as well. This brings to mind the "mystery missile launch" off the coast of California on 11/10 where neither the Navy or Vandenberg Air Force Base would admit to launching a missile even though it was seen by thousands of people in So. California and the southwest and even recorded by CBS affiliate KCBS in LA. Since people in this area are very familiar with what a missile launch looks like, having viewed many over the years, and the clear proof seen in the video one wonders why they would want to cover it up. They could have just admitted to it and no one would have questioned the incident again, but since they refused to tell the truth about it this is in itself an example of a clandestine launch.

This incident was some two years ago. I believe the launch carried a nuclear warhead and was aimed at a distant asteroid that was on a direct collision course with earth. The target was more than likely millions of miles from earth at the time, and the resulting explosion from target impact was hidden behind a planet completely out of our view. The results of the asteroids destruction is now seen in increased fragments entering the earth's atmosphere and forming fireballs. This debris will likely be around for a while creating fantastic light shows.

Why not just tell us the truth?


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My wife and I enjoy your newsletters (UFO Digest), thought provoking ideas. I wanted to share a sighting we had in the fall of 2011. We raise Quarter Horses in a valley in Northern California, near Mt Shasta. Our area is very active for UFOs and this ranching valley has more than a few private stories never before shared but with locals.