Epic UFO Celebration of Light displays ignite video fireworks

An epic assortment of strobing objects were seen on Wednesday, August 3, 2011 in the hours after Spain’s pyrotechnic “ODYSSEY” performance at Vancouver’s Celebration of Light, the international fireworks festival and competition that concludes Saturday at English Bay. Live video from the Vancouver UFO Skywatch (VUFOS) Night Vision Skycam revealed how unidentified flying objects oscillated in magnitude during a time when satellite tracking timetables indicated no visible passes of the United States Air Force X-37B were to be expected.

Mount Pleasant UFO leaves colorful trail in daylight infrared video

Vancouver’s historic Mount Pleasant neighborhood was the site of multiple afternoon UFO encounters captured on video by two witnesses operating cameras over the British Columbia Day holiday weekend. One of these incidents took place at 5:10pm PST on Monday, August 1, 2011 and was recorded in infrared light travelling due East to West at a time when online satellite tracking tables indicated there were no bright objects anticipated along the city’s reported “UFO corridor”. The video, posted on YouTube, shows how the UFO moves steadily under powered flight while emitting a brilliant display that leaves a ghostly trail of colors in the wake of its passage. Additional images recorded earlier that afternoon depicted a convolving mass of luminous spheres along with a distinct bright light including a tail-like appendage conducting fly-overs of the area.

UFO vanishes on live Vancouver Ustream Skycam

The Vancouver UFO Skywatch (VUFOS) Night Vision Skycam debuted on this week, broadcasting live video of a UFO that increased in magnitude before suddenly vanishing in the skies over Vancouver, BC at 1:35am PST on Saturday, July 30, 2011. VUFOS skycams offer sweeping panoramic views of the northern sky, tracking both known and unknown objects as they move through the night. The vanishing UFO was recorded as it began to increase in magnitude, alternately dimming and brightening at least four times before suddenly disappearing live on camera. Independent third party documentation of the incident was provided by, whose online archive of the camera’s raw data feed is available for scientific investigation and review. An enhanced clip taken from the VUFOS onsite archive is available for free in a new video on the SecretMessageTV channel on YouTube.

Video: Pulsating UFOs captured on video evade NASA's sightings timetables

Wednesday's night sky over Vancouver, BC played host to a pulsating UFO that was captured on video during skywatching activities from Burnaby Mountain Park on July 27, 2011. The UFO was detected by a night vision camera and tracked for nearly five minutes as it travelled SE to NW before disappearing behind a stand of trees. During this period, the UFO was first seen being overtaken by a second, faster-moving object before amplifying its luminous output in what veteran skywatchers describe as a “power-up” incident. While in flight, the UFO performed multiple power-ups, inviting comparison with another object recorded four nights earlier near Vancouver City Hall. Both UFO’s are featured in a new video available now on YouTube’s SecretMessageTV channel.

Video: UFO fleet near Vancouver City Hall sensed in precognitive dream

A fleet of objects including 18 mysterious spheres of light was captured using both still photography and video as it crossed the skies near City Hall in Vancouver, BC on Sunday, July 24, 2011. In an email from earlier that day, local Canadian videographer Les Murzsa cited precognitive dreams from the night before that prompted him to assemble his cameras and remain on alert throughout the afternoon. Taping of the first incident commenced at 6:16pm PST and by 6:26pm PST, Mr. Murzsa called the offices of the Vancouver UFO Examiner to leave a voicemail explaining how he had just filmed "the biggest sighting" of his life. This reporter was on the scene within hours, collecting evidence and producing additional night vision video demonstrating how a group of UFO’s was active in the area up until nearly six hours after the original incident. Highlights from these recordings are featured in a new video on SecretMessageTV, produced in Vancouver by former CBS Radio feature producer, Jon Kelly.

Major George Filer USAF (Ret) discloses his own ET Contact

There appears to be no room within our tightly controlled Worldview for the uninitiated to accept that we are not alone in the universe. However, there are contactees and witnesses with impeccable credentials who can testify that ETs are indeed amongst us; here to pass spiritual messages, nurturing and mentoring humanity through the nuclear age. To survive, humanity must awaken and cease its obsessions with the weaponization of space and the destruction of the Earth’s fragile environment. Is there a great Cosmic Plan to integrate a peaceful and enlightened humanity with other cosmic cultures within the multiverse?

Chillawack UFO

A new video captured in the early morning hours of Sunday, July 10, 2011 shows a pair of mysterious objects flying west over Chilliwack, BC. The digital night vision recording reveals how one of the two objects gradually expands into a ball of light that appears many times larger than its partner before quickly contracting in size. The phenomena observed in the video reflect images streamed live from NASA TV showing UFO’s expanding while flying through the earth’s atmosphere. Reports of UFO’s from the Fraser Valley are nothing new with one major local newspaper and the provincial Ufological society describing a number of related events. However, in their written comments provided earlier this afternoon, the Fraser Valley Paranormal Research Society mistakenly inferred that this video was the product of a “consumer hand held video camera …

2011 UFO Contact at the ECETI Ranch

A new video shows a UFO that appeared to witnesses “as bright as a second sun” crossing the skies over the ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake Washington on the evening of Monday, June 27, 2011. The event was just one in a series of ongoing sightings that occurred during the previous four nights, captured in both visible light and digital night vision using a stereo camera imaging system. The video also reveals how lights on Mt. Adams are accompanied by mysterious flights over the peak, a UFO that disappears in mid-air under clear sky conditions, witnesses using lights to engage luminous vehicles, orbs of light swarming a low-flying UFO and incredible acceleration when what appears to be an interdimensional spaceship disappears from view.

UFO contact at ECETI Ranch confirmed in new video

This video provides compelling evidence for UFO phenomena featuring captures from a dual imaging system incorporating professional 3CCD color, infrared and digital night vision technologies mounted on one camera rig that can pan, tilt and zoom while tracking objects in the skies. Simultaneous UFO recording through two imaging systems excludes instrumental failure in one camera as a possible cause of the images, just as celestial phenomena confirmed in astronomy through two or more telescopes qualifies those observations as scientific fact.

In his comments from earlier this morning, Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ECETI) founder James Gilliland said “This video captures both the essence and energy of ongoing contacts and sightings at ECETI Ranch – great job!” has reported on the ECETI Ranch as a focal point for incidents of missing time and iconic communications from UFO’s. Coverage has also documented how important technical UFO data from the ranch is being supressed and sidelined by major institutions within the paranormal community. In spite of these challenges, a legal defense fundraiser to help the ranch meet its objectives of providing an educational environment facilitating direct contact for members of the public (in the absence of such programs sponsored by any major research university or college) met its objectives in 48 hours earlier this year, thanks to contributions from international supporters. A more recent incident involving an overflight by military helicopters (who can't stop the ongoing UFO contact) is described here.

The Vancouver UFO Examiner is reporting live from the ECETI Ranch over the upcoming holiday weekend. Watch this column for more exciting news from one of the world’s greatest UFO hotspots in the Pacific Northwest and Vancouver, BC regions.

Military helicopters can't stop ECETI UFO contact

Military helicopters are conducting night time operations near ground level at the peaceful and secluded ECETI Ranch in south central Washington. A new video, recorded in the early morning hours of Friday, June 24, 2011 demonstrates the use of industrial noise pollution in psychological warfare attempts to dissuade both local residents and international observers from participating in historic contact with entities from advanced civilizations. The night vision video shows a UFO interacting with a beam of light on the western face of Mt. Adams in a recorded sighting that lasted over 20 minutes duration, an event that occurred two hours after a pair of Chinook-type helicopters reportedly hovered over the ranch close to tree-top level while at least one was captured on camera.

 The Vancouver UFO Examiner is conducting field research and reporting from the world-famous UFO hotspot through the upcoming Canada Day and US Independence Day holidays.

Beyond First Contact

Contact Has Begun is the name of a UFO contact documentary featuring ECETI (Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Ranch founder James Gilliland. The implications of the direct-to-DVD title are vast: contact is ancient and has been ongoing since the times of humanity’s first ancestors; our society is simply reawakening to a reality greater than the phony dreams and visions, the “pseudo culture”, of contemporary mainstream thinking. How can modern military powers hope to crush the ascending spirit of today’s ET experiencers in the face of indelible knowledge born of direct and continuous experience with entities who demonstrate applications of higher principals governing the operations of the material universe?

Mountain Portal

The location on Mt. Adams where the light appears in the video is well known to ECETI residents who have witnessed and recorded hundreds of similar and related incidents involving lights that reportedly lit up the western face of Mt. Adams “like a Christmas tree”. Such events provide evidence for the existence of a portal leading into the dormant volcano to what witnesses have described as a “UFO base” located deep under the earth’s surface. Although access to the portal by physical means is exceptionally difficult (climbers on the mountain state there is nothing at the site but ice sheets and rock), it is said that human visitors to the base have achieved entry via astral travel and other “out of body” type methods.

UFO Underground

One witness describes how “I was standing in a facility with numerous hangers and saw massive flying saucers manoeuvring slowly behind them. It was like an airship storage and maintenance complex featuring enormous “Pleiadian” flying saucers in place of gas-filled ballons. While becoming aware of my surroundings I saw with my inner vision an image of an eye in a pyramid surrounded by a golden glowing corona. This image absorbed my consciousness and I became aware that I was ascending quickly along a golden tunnel of light, moving towards the pyramid. I awoke in my bed at the ECETI Ranch and realized that my consciousness had entered the underground UFO base below Mt. Adams while my body was asleep. The sense of scale and advanced technology imparted to me during the experience was profound and unforgettable.”

UFO's over Vancouver begin summer of contact on video

A new video shows flights of mysterious objects that illuminated Vancouver skies after sunset on Wednesday, June 22, 2011. The images were captured with an infrared camera facing north over an east Vancouver neighbourhood. Sequences include an orb in flight that descends into a residential complex, power-up events featuring brilliant flashes of light and high-speed objects moving quickly through the camera's image field. The recordings are part of a ongoing study documenting phenomena that, according to the UFOBC website, local residents have been reporting for decades.

The new video features a soundtrack by Civilian Population and can be view by clicking here

Local Phenomena

Photographic evidence for Vancouver UFO's include the 1937 image of a mysterious flight over City Hall.  While taking pictures of a Christmas display, 21 year old Leonard Lamoureux and his brother claimed to see a "bright blue light" that descended rapidly and increased in size. The image captured by Mr. Lamoureux shows a tear-shaped corona surrounding a disc-like object in a photo that invokes contemporary HD UFO videos captured in the same neighborhood by Vancouver contactee, Les Murzsa. has reported how Mr. Murzsa, who produced the 9/11 expose Inside Job – Music to Indict Them By, has captured numerous intriguing daylight objects from the back deck of his home in the City Hall area using an HD 3CCD camera. The unique sightings on video compliment the talented cameraman's claims of contact with Pleiadian ET's through astral travel that he says takes place on a regular basis.

Other infrared UFO recordings from Vancouver include this series from early 2010, captured with a professional series camcorder from the same viewing point as the Wednesday night images. The sequence also features a luminous orb descending towards the ground as well as objects in duo and trio flight patterns.

When I'm Sixty Four

The Vancouver UFO Examiner will be reporting live from the ECETI UFO Ranch near Mt. Adams, Washington for the next two weeks, documenting phenomenal events in the Pacific North West hot zone that spawned the term “flying saucer”. The 64 year anniversary of Kenneth Arnold's historic sighting from June 24, 1947 will be observed this week.


Did Alaskan hiker catch Bigfoot on video?

The witness is identified only as putua76. The following is his unedited statement.

"I was on a logging road in Ketchikan hiking with my friend when I saw it! Boy did my heart start racing!! It was about 40 yards from the road! Not sure if it knew I was there or not, because the noise of flowing water from the stream. It seemed to travel fast! It made my hair stand up!! At one point you can see a whitish yellowish thing in it's hand! I believe it was skunk cabbage. Not sure, but it is in bloom.

Hex: The Bizarre And Alarming Genesis Of The Stone

An old mansion, a deserted location. A team of spiritual seekers. An ancient mystery as old as man.

Prepare to journey into the darkest recesses of your own mind as The Stone reveals mankind’s inner demons.

Our team arrive at an old hall in an attempt to help lost souls on their journey into the afterlife. Unknown to them another group also inhabit these sacred grounds – guardians of a lost secret. Slowly, Aleister, Charlotte, Tony and Helena discover that there is much more to this ancient place than meets the eye. They uncover an ancient artifact with dire consequences for their own souls.

Actual alien abduction cought by security cam

This truly could be the first real video (taken by a security camera) showing an actual alien abduction captured on film!

Starchild Skull 2010 DNA Result

Preliminary new DNA results from the 900 year old Starchild Skull, providing information that a percentage of the DNA in the bone may not be from Earth.