Secret ET star maps discovered in Pascagoula and Stephenville witness statements

Secret messages describing an ET map and its relationship to diagrams of cosmic pathways in the human body are the topic of a new Headline News episode of The Secret Message Report - Podcast Edition. The Vancouver-based podcast, produced by Vancouver UFO Examiner Jon Kelly, describes how extraterrestrials are revealing cosmic pathways to the liberation of consciousness from within the human body by presenting UFO contactees with diagramatic maps during their time aboard the mysterious vehicles. New map-related artifacts indicating ET contact with human beings were recognized through an ongoing international study revealing contactees' unconscious secrets. These secrets were documented by a mobile media lab monitoring audio recordings in reverse to identify messages hidden backwards in human speech

Are the UFOs appearing in Russia skies in Dec. 2010 Fulham’s predicted UFO wave?

Russian Television (RT) is now reporting UFOs beginning to appear over the skies of Russia and has released a video and news article confirming these sighting.

Former NORAD officer Stanley A. Fulham released a statement just prior to his recent death from pancreatic cancer that stated that a regional galactic governance council would begin more frequent UFO appearances in 2011, starting with “a major UFO display over Moscow between the end of the first part of January 2011 and the second week of January 2011.”

Query: Is this wave of UFO sightings now beginning over Russia part of the UFO wave predicted by Stanley A. Fulham in his final statement?

The galactic governance council, whose predicted October 13, 2010 UFO sightings over New York in fact occurred, has announced its intention via dimensional communications to both Stanley A. Fulham and a former NATO-Spanish intelligence officer to intervene in Earth’s public affairs and begin to clean the earth’s ecology to avoid its permanent collapse

RT also reported the following on December 29, 2010:

UFOs begin to frequent Russian skies in December

In early December UFOs began to frequent the skies of the capital of the republic of Kalmykia, located in southern Russia. Every ten days the residents of Elista seen UFOs of unknown nature in different parts of the city.

Latest information on this phenomenon appeared on 22 December when witnesses observed this type of flying objects in different parts of Elista. So some citizens say they have seen in the sky two concentric circles spinning in opposite directions. Others speak of a triangular object radiating light.

Scientists can not give a rational explanation for these phenomena. For example, Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Kalmykia, Mijaliáyev Badme does not rule out the possibility of the existence of an alien civilization, but also sees no clear evidence of the existence in the appearance of UFOs in Elista sky.

Meanwhile, the ufologists say that UFOs appear in other parts of Russia.

SMTV - Holiday Mashup

More than 2500 miles from home, I traveled over 1000 miles across the southern United States during a 2 month period. This special holiday video mashup includes clips from the trip, UFO's, friends, spirit phenomena and more. In the spirit of joy, liberty and peace across the universe for 2011.

UFO Hovering Over Long Island New York?

I shot this video on December 18th, 2010, of what seems to be a very mysterious light hovering in the sky, right above where the ocean meets the shoreline, in Long Beach, New York.

I'm not trying to hoax anyone or waste anyone's time, and you'll clearly be able to see that this footage is not doctored or manipulated in any way.

The only editing I did do was stated at the end, where I zoomed in.


Video of UFOs Over Costa Rica Alajuelita December 19, 2010?


These UFOs were filmed in the region of Costa Rica Alajuelita December 19, 2010

The photo here is from the video of UFOs... Here one can distinguish two particular white spheres ...

Watch the video with text, translation "Google", posted December 19, 2010, on the site here:

Ancient Egyptian Math Is Identical To Math Used In Modern Computers (VIDEO)

In 2008 mathematician and author Michael S. Schneider put together this incredible video illustrating how the mathematics used by Ancient Egyptians is identical to that used in computers today.

Initially we shook our heads in confusion when Schneider said this, but it all becomes very clear as he takes you through the process, simply and elegantly demonstrated on his large notepad.

The Ancient Egyptians figured out how to do multiplication without memorizing times tables, and how to do long division without that horrible half box that was the bane of your early childhood.

We took their tricks and built computers with them. WHOA.

Video of a UFO in Cañuelas, Argentina

A boy from Barrio Hipotecario claims having seen an unidentified flying object that engaged in oscillating movements over his housing complex. The recording is shown here.

“I wasn’t scared. I was very excited – this is the first time I’d seen something like it!” said Gustavo Rasquetti, a boy from Barrio Hipotecario who claims having seen a UFO floating over his housing complex.

On Wednesday last week, after watching the CQC program, he was about to shut the window to his bedroom when he saw “a powerful white light, with colors at times, that made undulating movements.” Furthermore, “it made a buzzing sound like a bee.”

San Antonio Spurs' Manu Ginobili Videos A UFO?

“I thought I saw a plane in flames” was the first thing the San Antonio Spurs player aid, unwilling to talk about aliens.

The strange phenomenon caught him while relaxing with a friend. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing up in the sky and in full view of everyone.

“I think I’ve just seen an airplane in flames plummeting! Unless I’m still asleep and its just a dream,” wrote Manu Ginobili in his Twitter account. A considerable number of his followers thought he was either joking or tipsy. But a day later he confirmed his remarks: “What did I see last night? Was there any news about it anywhere?”

Startling HD Videos of ET Starship Hovering Off Istanbul - 2nd Video

What is also very different about the videos is that when they were shot, one of the foremost UFO researchers in the world, Dr. Roger Leir, who is famous for removing implants from humans who were abducted, happened to be in Turkey for a conference and was standing behind the videographer when the footage was shot. I will add that Dr. Leir believes the cases he has examined are somehow connected to a government cabal possibly in association with selfish ETs. But he states that he believes these UFO images are of unselfish ETs who wish to announce publicly that they are 'here'.

Then these images were examined by the top image research firms in Turkey and the U.S., including Dr. Richard Boylan, whose email is reproduced below. They attest to the fact that these videos are of the same ship hovering usually early in the morning, but also during the day, over three consecutive summers.

Lancashire’s Mysterious Lake Monster Video

First Nessie; but what is this moving along in a deep, cold Lancashire Lake?

You have all heard of the Loch Ness Monster, consequently is this footage of Lancashire's very own answer to 'Nessie.'

I am not going to say whereabouts I took this clip but it was in Lancashire, UK, at a private location south of Preston, and I was fishing all alone at the time.

Video of UFO at launch of French rocket Ariane 5

This UFO was filmed over the launch site in French Guiana during takeoff from the French rocket Ariane 5 November 26, 2010

I marked and circled in red the UFO following the Ariane 5 rocket takeoff ...

Video of UFO Near Eiffel Tower Today

An object of unknown origin was spotted and a video was taken of the object today (November 24, 21010) in Paris France.

Here is the video taken earlier today.

UFO Video of North Korea attack on South Korea!

UFO video of the attack on North Korea against South Korea in Yeonpyeong Island November 23, 2010.

UFO filmed at the attack on North Korea against South Korea in Yeonpyeong Island, November 23, 2010 ... Ou nuage de fumée ?... Or cloud of smoke? ... : :

Area 51 base commander keeps his cool in a rare 1998 interview - The Video

Here is a rare, 1998 "unexpected" interview with Area 51 Base Commander by my former colleague, Anthony J. Hilder.

It was extemporaneously held during a break time between various speakers at a public hearing held in Las Vegas and organized by NellisAir Force Base to discuss the acquisition of additional 4000 acres of public land as a buffer zone to the buffer zone at Area 51.  What was most amazing about this interview was that the Base Commander did not expect such an "interview" which lasted close to 10 minutes.

Chandra Finds Youngest Nearby Black Hole

- NASA Announces Televised Chandra News Conference - NASA will hold a news conference at 12:30 p.m. EST on Monday, Nov. 15, to discuss the Chandra X-ray Observatory's discovery of anexceptional object in our cosmic neighborhood. 

The news conference will originate from NASA Headquarters' television studio, 300 E St. SW in Washington and carried live on NASA TV. 

NASA will hold a news conference at 12:30 p.m. EST on Monday, Nov. 15, to discuss the Chandra X-ray Observatory's discovery of an exceptional object in our cosmic neighborhood.

The news conference will originate from NASA Headquarters' television studio, 300 E St. SW in Washington and carried live on NASA TV.

Media representatives may attend the conference, join by phone or ask questions from participating NASA locations. To RSVP or obtain dial-in information, journalists must send their name, affiliation and telephone number to Trent Perrotto at: by 10 a.m. EST on Nov. 15. Reporters wishing to attend the conference in-person must have a valid press credential for access. Non-U.S. media also must bring passports.