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UFOs: Videos

UFO Digest share UFO videos that have been captured by people in different countries throughout the world. These UFO videos document authentic recordings of UFOs. Videos show eerie footage of alien abductions and unexplained UFOs in our skies.

UFO Sightings: Videos & More

Here at UFO Digest we have put together a comprehensive collection of UFO sightings, videos, presentations, news and interviews to keep you in the know. UFO videos captured by real people spread awareness about UFO sightings. Videos filming strange lights, mysterious flying spaceship objects and what appear to be alien encounters are shared.

Investigative UFO Videos

Find out the secrets that are kept in Government warehouses; UFO Videos explore the darkest corners of the world where the world's secrets hide. Find footage of public officials and experts giving their views on UFO sightings. Video recordings from scientists who believe their research on UFO's and extraterrestrials prove that they do exist can also be analysed. Browse our collection of UFO Videos below:

STS-80 Space Shuttle Video

STS-80 Space Shuttle video of the best UFO dance yet that shows a ring of UFO's making themselves obvious. NASA can not explain this one away as space dust or any other nonsense. Incredible footage. Buy the whole DVD with tons more of this footage at http://www.secretspacedvd.com/. It is worth every penny. NASA Archive footage.

Bulgaria Ufo Sighting

This amazing piece of video shows a solid object, which is spinning rapidly, while maintaining a stable height before it accelerates to high speed and disappears behind apartment building.

4th of July UFOs!

This video either shows 3 UFOs or a triangle craft. Videod by Jeff Woolwine on the 4th of July 2006. Read more about Jeff and his sightings and videos here.

NASA STS-114 UFO Video

This is a slowed version (I believe) of the original and is official NASA video. Google for more info. The UFO is towards the end of the video.

STS-75 - The Tether Incident

The NASA STS-75 mission ran a trial experimental tether that was to be used for towing and placing satellites into orbit. During this experiment they had a problem and the 12 mile long tether snapped due to the synthetic material accumulating a critical charge.



Paranormal Activity is an independent horror film written and directed by Oren Peli. The first glimpse of the movie was at the Screamfest Film Festival in October 2007. The movie was also shown in 2008 at the Slamdance Film Festival in Utah. It wasn't until this year that the movie had a release in several U.S cities on October 9th 2009, the movie went on to have a nationwide release on October 16th.

The production electrified the United States and became an overnight success. One highly enthusiastic critic called the movie the scariest of all time, with one tagline for the movie instructing viewers not to see it alone. Paranormal Activity is said to be the most successful independent film of all time. The movie, which had a budget of $15,000, has to date made a worldwide profit of over $100 million dollars.