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People told not to panic but 20 asteroids have been spotted heading possibly for Earth

Don’t panic but scientists have announced that twenty asteroids have been spotted on the same trajectory course as the recent Russian asteroid that hit Chelyabinsk. The Russian Urals saw a meteor the size of the house explode causing panic and chaos. No one saw it coming? We have telescopes and satellites and yet no warning to the public. We are getting a heads up from the scientists this time that twenty asteroids have been seen on the same course as the Chelyabinsk. They admit it will take them two years to determine all these asteroids or meteors trajectories. Which means they don’t know where or if these meteors will hit Earth or where. Something tells me that the public is not getting the full story.

I feel the scientists are giving us a bit of a heads up. One theory is that the Chelyabinsk asteroid was part of a huge one which busted up. The scientists can only theorize since getting proof is difficult. The asteroids path could be changed due to other planets gravitational fields.  I have heard of another theory in which Nibiru or Planet X is bringing these rogue asteroids with it as it approaches closer to Earth. We can only hope that Earth will not get hit but as history has shown it does. I guess being prepared is the best answer for the possibility of further impacts on planet Earth. We can only hope that we get lucky.


Russia Today’s You Tube

 Scientific America

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Scientists have spotted 20 Asteroids on the same trajectory path as the Russian Asteroid that hit Earth

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