"Dulce's Deadly Ditch" By Hugh Mungus

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"Dulce's Deadly Ditch"

By Hugh Mungus

<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar>

"It's time for the truth to be brought out in open congressional hearings. Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are lead to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense."

Vice Admiral R.H. Hillenkoetter, Retired

First Director of the CIA

You've just tasted a Dempsey Roll from the "Manassa Mauler."  You spent the previous evening watching spook lights dance around a rural graveyard in Silver Cliff, Colorado. You've scanned the skies for extraterrestrial spacecraft at the UFO Watchtower.

Exhausted, you hop on the wrong freeway in your travels back to Santa Fe. Your lids become heavy. You merge onto the 17. Fate eases you over the magnetic asphalt of Highway 64. You slap yourself silly, whilst singing along to Wang Chung's greatest hit. You need sleep, but instead you get an eyeful of something hideous lumbering through your headlight beams.

Brake pedal finds floorboard as you narrowly miss hitting the seven foot tall half-bat, half-man limping across the asphalt. The abomination vanishes into the underbrush on the opposite side of the road. Realizing you're in the middle of nowhere, you glance around for some point of reference.

Moonlight illuminates a highway sign in the distance.

You've just entered Dulce, New Mexico, a forgotten hamlet which may be home to a subterranean world of epic proportion.

Continuity of Government. It's a program the United States implemented, providing underground accommodations for officials, in the event of a catastrophic disaster.

Canada, Great Britain, Japan and Norway are currently developing sub-terrestrial access between their respective nations.

The possibility of subsurface bases on the Moon is being devised by top theoretical minds, as we speak.

Although underground dwelling seems like a concept from Star Trek, most countries realize the advantages of living within the Earth, as opposed to on top of it.

Beneath the soil, everywhere becomes a tropical paradise with moderate temperatures both day and night. Hurricanes, storms and tornadoes diminish into words in a forgotten dictionary. Massive earthquakes are reduced to minor tremors, as shifting tectonic plates cause one-fifth the damage they would, aboveground.

The population of Dulce, New Mexico, rivals the attendance one would expect at a Wham! state fair comeback concert. One corporate motel is all that links this burg to the modern world. Or is it?

According to tale, buried deep beneath Archuleta Mesa, a natural formation on the outskirts of town, dwells a Top Secret base, run by humans and extraterrestrials.

During the late 1980s, New Mexico state police officer Gabe Valdez reported witnessing UFOs on a regular basis in the skies above Dulce.

Paul Bennewitz, president of Thunder Scientific Labs, a then-cutting-edge facility adjoining nearby Kirtland Air Force Base, claimed to be receiving otherworldly signals from the ground below Dulce.

Alleged abductee, Christa Tilton, purportedly viewed alien beings and inexplicable aircraft after being forcibly taken inside the theorized base.

"Thomas," a security guard who supposedly worked at the facility, allegedly stole photographs, Top Secret documents, and videotape detailing the underground installation.

The list of those attesting to the veracity of this subterranean site is long and varied.

According to allegations, the facility at Dulce is comprised of at least seven sub-terrestrial levels. Upwards of eighteen thousand "Grey" aliens are said to be housed on the three lower floors. An intricate maze of tunnels supposedly connects the compound with similar installations, nationwide.

The most infamous portion of the Dulce base is Level Six, dubbed "Nightmare Hall."

Described as a freak show of genetically engineered mutations, Nightmare Hall is supposedly home to half-bat, half-humanoid creatures standing upwards of seven feet tall. Living anthropomorphic beings sporting additional limbs have also been reported roaming this infamous level.

During 1978, a group of government employees uncovered the pending fate of those imprisoned at Dulce, and decided to take preventative action. This response culminated in "The Dulce Wars," an underground battle between extraterrestrial and human forces, during which 66 U.S. soldiers were reportedly killed.

Purported Alien ET Hybrid Delivery at Dulce Lab

(Photo: Courtesy of C.H.)

There's also the story of investigator John Anderson, who followed a motorcade of mysterious vehicles to a cordoned off installation on the outskirts of town. Upon arriving at the compound, John claims six UFOs simultaneously floated above the base while he hastily fired off a photograph.

Certain he had witnessed something inexplicable, John stopped at a local convenience store and began relating his tale to the owner. After the shop's phone rang, and the proprietor answered, the man forced John to vacate the premises.

Confused, John hopped in his car and sped out of town. In the reflection of his rear-view mirror, Mr. Anderson witnessed a mysterious van parking in front of the store. An anomalous man stepped from the vehicle and entered the shop. Immediately, a car erased the scene from John's view as it sped in line behind his automobile and followed him the entire way past city limits.

Adding fuel to this conspiratorial fire is the fact that research groups taking sonar readings of the Earth beneath Archuleta Mesa have discovered large, unexplainable hollows within the ground.

Does a secret, subterranean base actually reside below the parched soil of Dulce, New Mexico? Are the tales emanating from this region taller than the Lompoc Giant? To determine the truth, simply hop in the old roadster and visit this forgotten fleck of dust on the map, yourself.

Dulce is located in the central, most northern section of New Mexico, a mere jump from the southern border of Colorado.  Perched off Highway 64, this minute town is easily accessible from all directions.

UFO sightings are prevalent in and around city limits, as are unaccountable cattle mutilations, so keep your eyes peeled for the strange.

Hugh Mungus

© 2010. Hugh Mungus

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