Expert: Obama will bring ET false flag invasion

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by Alfred Lambremont Webre


In an exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre released May 26, 2011, hermeneutics expert Peter Kling stated that his scientific analysis of prophetic texts contained in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible indicate that U.S. President Barack Obama has a Biblical destiny, although the destiny may ultimately not be a favorable one for the world population.

Exopolitics and Biblical prophesy

Mr. Kling is author of the book Letters to Earth: You Can Survive Armageddon.  

Mr. Kling has developed an Exopolitical interpretation of "Armageddon" as it appears in the Bible.

Mr. Kling says, “Revelation 19:11 is when the real Alien attack and the "War of Armageddon" take place. Armageddon is not the destruction of the Earth, it is the destruction of the "Class 1 Planet" the New World Order and its supporters and the Rebel Aliens who helped establish it.”  Mr. Kling says that Armageddon is when ethical extraterrestrial civilizations intercede on Earth to overthrow the New World Order that is supported by unethical ETs.  

Book of Revelation 19:11 states: "And I saw the heaven opened; and behold, a white horse, and he that sat thereon called Faithful and True; and in righteous he doth judge and make war."

Hermeneutics and Bible prophesy

Hermeneutics is defined as “the study of interpretation theory, and can be either the art of interpretation, or the theory and practice of interpretation. Traditional hermeneutics—which includes Biblical hermeneutics—refers to the study of the interpretation of written texts, especially texts in the areas of literature, religion and law.”

Hermeneutics in regard to "Bible prophecy or biblical prophecy is the prediction of future events based on the action, function, or faculty of a prophet. Such passages are widely distributed throughout the Bible, but those most often cited are from Ezekiel, Daniel, Matthew 24, Matthew 25, and Revelation. Believers in biblical prophecy engage in exegesis and hermeneutics of scriptures which they believe contain descriptions of global politics, natural disasters, the future of the nation of Israel, the coming of a Messiah and a Messianic Kingdom, and the ultimate destiny of humankind."

Hermeneutics and Sir Isaac Newton

Peter Kling, referred to by some as "the Einstein of Biblical prophecy" considers himself a hermeneutics scholar from the hermeneutic school of Sir Isaac Newton

Scientist Sir Isaac Newton, a President of the Royal Society, is considered one of the foremost practitioners of Bible prophecy hermeneutics. "Newton was a strong believer in prophetic interpretation of the Bible and considered himself to be one of a select group of individuals who were specially chosen by God for the task of understanding Biblical scripture. Unlike a prophet in the classical sense of the word, Newton relied upon existing Scripture to prophesy for him, believing his interpretations would set the record straight in the face of what he considered to be, "so little understood".  Though he would never write a cohesive body of work on Prophecy, Newton's beliefs would lead him to write several treatises on the subject, including an unpublished guide for prophetic interpretation entitled, Rules for interpreting the words & language in Scripture. In this manuscript he details the necessary requirements for what he considered to be the proper interpretation of the Bible. In his posthumously-published Observations upon the Prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St. John, Newton expressed his belief that Bible prophecy would not be understood 'until the time of the end', and that even then 'none of the wicked shall understand'. Referring to that as a future time ('the last age, the age of opening these things, be now approaching'), Newton also anticipated 'the general preaching of the Gospel be approaching' and 'the Gospel must first be preached in all nations before the great tribulation, and end of the world'".

Watch exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview with Peter Kling

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Obama, New World Order and hermeneutics

Hermeneutics can be considered as a script for rolling out the New World Order and the One World Government.

Mr. Kling notes that such false flag events as the Chernobyl (Revelations 16:3) and Fukushima radiation events are set out in Biblical prophecy.  Revelation 16:3 states 

“And the second poured out his bowl into the sea; and it became blood as of a dead man; and every living soul died, even the things that were in the sea.”

In his interview, Mr. Kling states that his hermeneutic analysis of Barack Obama’s role in Biblical prophecy has led him to believe Mr. Obama has a biblical destiny as part of the “two-horned Beast”, the term by which the U.K. – USA alliance is known in Biblical prophecy.

As a leader of the “two-horned Beast”, Mr. Obama will initially be successful in carrying out a “peace and security” role in the world, particularly in the Middle East.

Mr. Kling indicates that he expects this “peace and security” role to be Mr. Obama’s accentuated role in 2011 and 2012, to strengthen his re-election in the November 2012 U.S. Presidential election.



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