Forget 'Harry Potter' – here is the "real deal"...

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Peter Swift and the Secret of Genounia

New Book Released by ‘Controversial’ Southport Author, Pat Regan

Published 2012

ISBN: 9781476313627

Copyright © Pat Regan 2012

Peter Swift and the Secret of Genounia’ is a mystifying English ghost story that just had to be told. It also carries several hidden messages that once learned will never be forgotten.

Eleven year old Peter Swift is an ordinary Lancashire schoolboy who is unknowingly about to embark upon a fantastic adventure in time travel and enchantment.
Peter regularly visits his grandfather Jock’s bleak farmstead. Jock has been plagued by a reoccurring and disturbing apparition at the farm. Peter soon discovers a Roman coin, which appears as if by magic.

Later in the snowy woods Peter is visited by the same terrifying phantom that Jock has seen. 
Peter is suddenly transported back through time to the hazardous period in history when Roman and Celt are frequently at war.

He witnesses a horrifying battle outside Bremetennacum (Ribchester in Lancashire) involving Celt, Roman and Jute forces. He is apparently at first invisible, yet later the sinister leader of the Jute military contingent (Alaric) sees the lad and pursues him through the woods.

Whilst all this is occurring the Celts try to obtain Jute allegiance with coinage on the field of battle.
Peter evades the Jute leader and later meets with Celts who are friendly. A young Celtic girl named Shara Barini also falls in love with the boy.
The wise old druid named Irodox tells Peter that he is part of a sacred trilogy, linked via birthright to the Rebel Queen Boudicca, including a Celtic sovereign, Queen Branwen, and another who amazingly happens to be a tough Roman centurion (Artorius).

The trio discover that they have an awe-inspiring task to perform, which involves getting within the confines of a top secret Roman military base in Lancashire’s Trough of Bowland. Peter has many incredible adventures along the way, but danger is always close at hand.

History had never recorded that ‘Genounia’ was a concealed store for an advanced weapon of the day that was being secretly designed to annihilate the Celtic civilization within the British Isles.

Peter and the others in the sacred triad have to stop the Roman extermination strategy before it begins…
Genounia’s covert military potential and its location were never known. All that is written in the history books about the mysterious locality was that the Emperor of the day confiscated Celtic lands as punishment against the local inhabitants for their earlier armed incursions therein. This astonishing book puts the records straight.

Peter Swift and the Secret of Genounia’ is an exhilarating  supernatural saga that is set to thrill and inspire people of all ages with its unique blend of time-travel, ancient magic, historical lore and natural fascination for the deep realms of the unknown. Follow Peter and his friends on their incredible adventure now!

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What do others say…?

Forget ‘Harry Potter’ – here is the “real deal”…

As featured on UFO Digest:

‘J.K. Rowling wrote the first of the Harry Potter series in a city coffee shop and had not spent a lifetime studying Celtic Pagan folkways and history. Pat Regan is the real deal; this is the difference which makes PETER SWIFT such a worthwhile read for adult readers.’

And in the Southport Visiter:

Nick Pope, Ministry of Defence UFO Project, 1991-1994 says:

"Doctor Who meets Harry Potter"….

Lloyd Pye (Author, Researcher and Head of the Starchild Project) says:
“Pat Regan’s new book, ‘Peter Swift and the Secret of Genounia,’ is the kind of mind-bending fantasy thriller that will give kids a reason to stay up late, reading under the covers by torchlight, while their parents softly read excerpts to each other so as not to wake up the kids.”

Diane Tessman, influential UFO Digest feature writer, says:

I find PETER SWIFT AND THE SECRET OF GENOUNIA more rewarding for the adult reader than the Harry Potter series. Why? With no dispersion cast on Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, the author of PETER SWIFT is a man who has traveled the paths of Pagan wisdom for many years. Pat Regan has studied and lived the ancient Pagan knowledge and Celt history which echo in the British countryside. J.K. Rowling wrote the first of the Harry Potter series in a city coffee shop and had not spent a lifetime studying Celtic Pagan folkways and history. Pat Regan is the real deal; this is the difference which makes PETER SWIFT such a worthwhile read for adult readers. For the youthful reader, PETER SWIFT AND THE SECRET OF GENOUNIA offers mind-bending time travel and other fantasy and science fiction delights at a thrilling, fast-moving pace. Star Trek and Dr. Who fans will easily fall into Peter’s epic adventure as he discovers an old Roman coin which magically appears on his grandfather’s farm. His grandfather Jock has witnessed a disturbing apparition on his farm for many years; suddenly in the snowy woods, young Peter comes face to face with this terrifying phantom! And Peter’s astounding adventure begins!


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