How to Speed Up Evolution? Ask the Aliens!

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Science news tells us this morning about Intel’s newly developed mind scanner; simply put, this is software which can “read” what people are thinking. It is 90% accurate. No more military secrets, just put the Admiral into the mind scanning machine! No more secrets to be kept by any of us, for good or for evil. The Klingons and their mind sifter have nothing on Humans, 2012!

Something is out of whack regarding technology, we all sense this. It is moving too fast. It always has moved too fast in relation to our spiritual development, but now it is moving at an alarming rate. There seem to be three possibilities:

1) We have back-engineered captured alien craft.

2) Aliens have given advanced technology to elite human military and corporations. Maybe they gave it to these groups because they seemed to be our only leaders; our leaders might have promised to use this advanced technology for the good of the human race. Of course, our leaders can lie. Or maybe the aliens are just bad guys.

3) Computer knowledge is a Pandora’s Box and the fact is, once humans discovered the basics   of present day computer technology, huge strides can be made in a very short time. Doors simply opened through human ingenuity.

While I’m on the subject of computers, I want to mention that there are websites which support the idea that the Singularity might be a good thing for humanity; these websites seem intelligent and reasonable. I questioned myself to see if I am being reactionary and closed minded regarding the Singularity. One website mentions Dr. Maria Montesorri who was ostracized in her day for her innovative approach to education but today is considered a visionary and innovator in intelligent, enlightened education methods. Perhaps the Singularity offers a similar stride forward in enlightenment.

Humankind certainly could use a more reasonable approach to life, such as: “The institution of war is illogical.”  Or, “Do not destroy the planet on which you stand, it is illogical.”
Personally, I am against the blending humans and computers into one singularity, but your opinion on the subject is up to you. I do plan to remain as open-minded as I can be on the subject.

What does this have to do with aliens speeding up evolution?

It seems to me that evolution has two different levels. The first level is our traditional view of evolution, in which one species of fish finally plops out on the shore for a few seconds because she likes the insects. Most of these adventuresome fish die, stranded on shore, but the strongest fish live as they manage to plop back into the sea. Over millions of years, little appendages for maneuvering begin to develop and in another few million years, the fish becomes a creature who lives partially on land.

The second level of evolution occurs when a species, like Homo sapiens, becomes more of a mental species than a physical species. No doubt we are still evolving physically too, but the big emphasis for Homo sapiens is now mental.  It’s not just computers, it’s everything. Humans have been going in this direction since discovering fire. It keeps exponentially multiplying, look at the Industrial Revolution, the Apollo Program, look at fast cars and yes, look at computer development!

So it seems that once a species becomes more mental than physical, aliens who are even more advanced in mental accomplishments, find it easier to meddle, creating a more speeded- up mental evolution.

I’m not saying this increased mental evolution is completely good! If one has to get the fire going by rubbing two sticks together, one may develop more depth, wisdom, and  endurance than someone who programs his computer to turn on his artificial fireplace at 5:30 p.m. before he drives home in his sports car. My grandmother who pushed a car on the Iowa ice and broke her hip as she tried to go out in the winter to get groceries, might be a more worthwhile human being than I am when I order cat food on the Internet in the winter, and UPS delivers it.

However, the aliens are obviously intellectually (mentally) advanced beings, and as we humans know, after a while, one compromises the strength of character built by doing things the primitive way. One gives up and does things the easy way, because meanwhile, life has gotten even more complex, thanks to the same “advanced” technology. There is too much else with which to deal, so rubbing two sticks together to advance our spiritual character, just isn’t a viable option.

I wonder what all of us UFO researchers (official and unofficial), would be fascinated with -- if no UFOs had ever been in the skies?

Because UFOs do exist, are we a coherent group, a force within the morphic field of human consciousness?

It doesn’t seem like it because we are such a varied group. We have all sorts of different opinions as to what UFOs are, where aliens come from, are they good or evil, and much more.

Nonetheless, it is difficult to imagine a world existing without this UFO subject, this knowledge, this discussion and this dispute! Even in our disputes, we are quantum entangling with each other and thus adding a fiber to the web of UFO Knowledge!

Yes, some of us also are adding a fiber to the UFO web of crazy non-knowledge, misinformation and disinformation. It is important to stick to the truth, to not follow the giant egos of gurus, and all that. However, in the end, I wonder if these missteps make much difference? I personally don’t feel they do,  because for one thing, when UFO disclosure does happen, and when aliens actually land, all the craziness will be forgotten or at least, out of date. Also, none of us pay much attention to the other guy anyway, unless he agrees with our pet theory.

However, this does not mean the other guy believes “garbage.” The fringe people and their theories are not automatically “garbage.”  Einstein told us that “We cannot solve problems at the same level at which we created them.”

We can’t have our cake and eat it too. We can’t condemn people who think “outside the box” but at the same time, contend that we humans don’t possibly understand the UFO phenomenon because we do not understand the unknown. Unusual or exotic theories are not all garbage.  

Which is it? “Stick to the facts, mam, just the facts,” or do we crazily, boldly, step outside the box and take a wild guess at what this incredible, insane UFO phenomenon really is?

If we stick to the facts, every UFO sighting boils down to, “A thing flew by.” That’s it.

If someone has a first UFO sighting, it is said he has no place to go because it is all “garbage.” I couldn’t disagree more. I have found fascinating websites on everything from “we are living in a computer simulation” to “inner earth beings fly to the surface skies” to “the singularity will be a good thing,” to “civilizations are alive and well on Mars.” I am sure you know, this is the tip of the iceberg. These thinkers are not thinking “garbage.” If a first time UFO sighter cannot go to these websites, read them and continue his path of exploration with reason and intelligence,  that’s his shortcoming.

Sure there are obnoxious egotists who know “everything” and assume the rest of us should follow them. There is quality and there is non-quality, but the far-out ideas are great, not garbage!  I don’t accept them all, I might not accept any of them as gospel, but I love the search. I am better, more enlightened because I searched!

Let me get to the subject of this article: Either we humans are advancing in our mental evolution very quickly or it is being helped along by the aliens through quantum entanglement and other methods.

How many “outside the box” websites, books, and discussions, are inspired by a hint of alien presence? For myself, I know my 30 years of UFO/alien research, has an alien presence and influence. It is within me and without me. It is a positive alien influence, in my opinion. I know that without this in-put, my writing would not exist.

I am not controlled by my alien friend, I am free to think, to feel, to disagree, to rebel. In fact, I am encouraged to think and feel.  There is an alien guidance, a friendly entanglement.

If one asked a man who feels that we live in a computer simulation, or a woman who feels a connection with beings from inner earth, they would tell you in most cases that there is a presence which/who is there for them.

I feel that as the great force of evolution turns its magnificent power to the mental development of humans with less emphasis on our physical evolution, that mostly positive aliens have joined in speeding up our evolution. For proof, I simply offer the entire UFO/alien phenomenon in our society and in our human consciousness. This phenomenon within us is the main reason they fly by!

This phenomenon is a part of us now. We have all built the fibers of the web. Is it an alien web to trap us or simply a mostly beautiful web of universal advancement and enlightenment? I firmly believe the latter!

I believe we are being helped along in our mental evolution. Why?  Why this tampering by the aliens?

The most obvious answer is that huge earth changes are in our future. Possibly there are disasters on a global scale. Perhaps the Yellowstone Super-Volcano explodes or a nuclear war happens or our poor abused planet simply runs out of life’s energy or becomes so out of balance and erratic that humans can’t live on her anymore. Perhaps a solar flare cooks us all or an asteroid of sufficient size impacts to end all higher life on Earth or throw her out of orbit.

In any catastrophic disaster, some of us feel the aliens would help and we would suddenly be a part of the world they know. We have a better chance of survival if we are on the path to achieving the level of enlightenment and intelligence which many galactic alien races have achieved. Thus, our mental/spiritual evolution has been speeded up beforehand.

Or, perhaps no huge catastrophes will happen but it is simply time for humans to join the galactic community. Our scientific advancements have reached the point where we cannot be ignored or denied. However, before our invitation to join, we are being given a crash course in mental/spiritual evolution by means of the UFO/alien phenomenon. Because of it, many of us have looked into ancient beliefs, developed modern new age philosophies of enlightenment and/or we have learned to think outside the box and enjoy it!

We don’t need to all agree. Our crash course, our speed-up evolution, does not require agreement. It only requires that we go through the exercise. Because of this education, we will never be the same species, our mass consciousness is changed – because of all us UFO “nuts.”

What would you be doing at this moment if not for your fascination with UFOs? It is a part of you. Your speeded-up evolution is moving along nicely.

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