Mars Curiosity Photographs Head Shapes!

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Curiosity has photographed these head shapes on Mars November 23, 2012

The photo that intrigues us as a reference: MASTCAM LEFT SOL 107. The photo was taken by the robot on the ground on Mars "Curiosity" November 23, 2012, and published online December 1, 2012. Above I Blew and I red arrow HEADS these forms of strange, as grouped by "Chance" at the same place ... :

See the series of photos on the official website here:

The photo that interests us here:

UFO (UFO) and strange shapes on Mars photographed by Curiosity:




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I have gathered extensive evidence of a large explosion and planetary disaster from the Mars Curiosity images. There are hundreds of mummified and fossilized remains of creatures in Gale Crater - with UFO crash sites and even unexploded bombs. If you take a look at my YouTube videos then you will see for yourself - if you compare the videos back to back, there is a load of evidence - here's a link - my many new videos >.

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