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This week Robert D Morningstar examines the Dyatlov UFO incident where mass murder occurred in the Ural Mountains. Next, Ed Komarek explains what understanding Exopolitics if important. Next, Sean Casteel writes about prophecies from space. Then, Pat Regan reports on Mars, past, present and future. Jenalyn Villamarin informs us of a large cigar-shaped UFO over the Ukraine. Next, Scott Corrales is back with missing planes and strange UFOs. Then, Roger Marsh reports on three new MUFON cases. Next, Carolyn Shield reports on travel bans including the space Station. Paul Schroeder wonders who really cares about UFO disclosure. Then, Chris Holly writes about Mike Wooley and his Bigfoot sightings. For St. Patrick's Day, Brad Steiger, gives us good reasons why not to grab a leprechaun! Tony Elliott rebuts Chris Caesar and Jack Pickell concerning the MH370 disappearance. Click here for additional articles. Also see new videos at the bottom of these articles.  Enjoy Dirk

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THE DYATLOV UFO INCIDENT - A CASE OF PREDATORY UFO MASS MURDER IN RUSSIA'S URAL MOUNTAINS - 1959 by Robert D Morningstar. This article presents the story of the Dyatlov Ural Mountain Expedition of 1959 during which all 9 members of the expedition died under the most mysterious of circumstances, with of the 9 victims suffering harrowing injuries that could not be explained satisfactorily or attributable to natural causes. Based on the video linked below ("The Dyatlov Inceidend - Mountain of the Dead", compiled by D. Romahlko), this article will detail the very compelling story of the tragic loss of the Dyatlov Expedition to Kholat Syaskhl, a region called "The Mountain of the Dead". More...

UNDERSTANDING EXOPOLITICS IS VERY IMPORTANT! by Ed Komarak. It does not matter if we are know something or not about the impact extraterrestrial reality and cover-up is having on our individual or collective lives. The fact is we are being seriously and substantially impacted regardless of our knowledge or ignorance. A local farmer is fundamentally impacted by national and international politics, from the price he gets for his crops, to the price he has to pay for fertilizer and fuel. A good farmer understands national and international realities in which he is embedded, and makes personal decisions that improve his lot in life based on that understanding, while a poor farmer does not. More...

OUT OF THE DARKNESS - PROPHECIES FROM SPACE by Sean Casteel. We currently face a continual danger from outer space, a kind of asteroid called an “Apollo” asteroid. The term is used for a “class of Earth-crossing objects that pose a potential threat of impact,” says an article posted on Whitley Strieber’s “Unknown Country” website on March 5, 2014. “Scientists are currently aware,” the article continues, “of 240 Apollo asteroids, but it is thought that there could be at least 2,000 Earth-crossers with diameters of 1 km or larger. If one of these giants hit Earth, it could carve out a crater about 10-20 times its own size.” More... Also read: OUT OF THE DARKNESS - PROPHECIES FROM SPACE - PART II

MARS: LIFE POTENTIAL - PAST AND PRESENT by Pat Regan. My attention was recently draw to suggestions within a video that the Mars Rover has given us images showing a cross-like structure on that planet, which may have been fashioned by intelligent beings. I for one have always been fascinated by ancient rock. This stems from my personal observations of fossil deposits in the northwest part of Britain, whilst fly-fishing alone in the remotest of places. The essence of Mother Earth resides within these ancient structures and can teach us much on a spiritual level. More...

LARGE CIGAR-SHAPED UFO OVER KOROSTEN, UKRAINE by Jenalyn Villamarin. A large cigar-shaped UFO was spotted over the city of Korosten in Ukraine. The captured video on March 6 has surfaced on the Internet. The video got published on March 7, in the YouTube channel O7TV showing the UFO sighting of a large, elongated object gliding in the sky. More...

AN ARGENTINEAN MISSING AIRPLANE, TC-48: "THE CADET FLIGHT" By Scott Corrales. An article from Diario de Los Andes, Mendoza on 15 March 1965. It presents a curious parallel between the missing Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines and the Douglas DC4 – TC48- of the Argentinean Air Force that went down in the jungle region of Costa Rica in 1965, and whose remains have not been located despite intense combing of the area. The Air Force has given up on the search; not so the relatives of the missing. Among other items, the article states: “The case involving the Douglas DC-4 TC-48 of the Argentinean Air Force remains one of aviation’s great mysteries, an impenetrable one, very nearly approaching a half century of unsuccessful searching. More...Also read: A MYSTERIOUS SIGHTING IN VUEVA HELVECIA, URAGUAY Also read: UNUSUAL OBJECT IN ARGENTINEAN AIR FORCE DISPLAY

SILENT 'ROCKET-LIKE' OBJECT MOVES OVER FLORIDA TOWN by Roger Marsh. A Charlotte County, FL, witness is wondering what the "rocket-like" object was that moved over his home about 9:55 p.m. on March 14, 2014, according to testimony in Case 54707 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. The witness was outside in a front yard walking a dog when the object was first noticed. The case was reported to MUFON on March 15, 2014, and is currently under investigation by Florida MUFON. More...Also read: WITNESS BELIEVES ALL UFO SIGHTINGS ARE OURS! Also read: WITNESS REPORTS 'GLOWING VERTICAL CYLINDER' OVER ARIZONA

TRAVEL BANS AND SANCTIONS ANNOUNCED BY EU AND US CAUSES TENSIONS ON THE SPACE STATION by Carolyn Shield. Travel Bans and sanctions announced by EU and US causes tensions on the Space Station. Today, it was announced by US and EU that sanctions have been placed on Russia. One wonders if the travel bans include scientists who travel to the ISS. The Russian crew and international crew members are placed in a difficult situation. Sanctions are a first step to declaring war on a nation. Russian’s assets are being confiscated by the EU and US. More...

IF UFOS WERE DISCLOSED WOULD THE PUBLIC REALLY LISTEN? by Paul Schroeder. Rather than pontificate about my personal experiences during abductions, I herein submit what already long exists in the public record: According to Dr. Gregory Little, a psychologist and UFO researcher/author, Steiger, [cited in] Blue Book Files Released in Canadian UFO Report, Vol. 4, No. 4, 1977, p. 20. "We are part of a symbiotic relationship with something which disguises itself as an extra-terrestrial invasion so as not to alarm us." More...

INCREDIBLE ENCOUNTER WITH TWO BIG FOOT CREATURES! by Chris Holly. I have not been one to find much interest in the Big Foot issue for many reasons. I think the biggest reason was that up until now I have not come across an encounter that I felt was strong enough for me to believe that something that strange or unusual was happening. I needed more than tree knocks and rock throwing to become really interested and concerned about what was happening with the Big Foot subject. I did think something odd was going on but until now did not comprehend the danger or true strangeness of the Big Foot scenario that is being seen and reported all over the world. My interest became peeked considerably once I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Mike Wooley. More...

SOME VERY GOOD REASONS NOT TO GRAB A LEPRECHAUN ON ST. PATRICK'S DAY By Brad Steiger.The Leprechaun, dressed in bright green clothing with a red cap and a leather apron, was originally known as the cheerful cobbler, a wee person who takes delight in repairing humans’ shoes for a reward of a bowl of porridge. The classic folk tale of the Leprechaun is that of a loutish human catching one of the wee folk and demanding to be given the little cobbler’s pot of gold. More...Also read: A SOME VERY GOOD REASONS NOT TO GRAB A LEPRECHAUN ON ST. PATRICK'S DAY - PART II

REBUTTAL TO CHRIS CAESAR AND JACK PICKELL OF BOSTON.COM/BOSTON GLOBE MENTIONING MY RECENT ARTICLE ON MH370 DISAPPEARANCE by Tony Elliott. On March 12, 2014, Chris Caesar wrote an article that Jack Pickell, a news producer for Boston.com "Boston Globe" posted mentioning two points I made in my UFO Digest article "THE IRANIAN CONNECTION: THE DISAPPEARANCE OF MALAYSIAN FLIGHT MH370". In his article, "9 crazy conspiracy theories about Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370" he mentions my suspicions of the two Iranian nationals with stolen passports as being the prime suspects in hijacking the airliner and the fact that I believe they may have taken the plane to East Timor. Mr. Pickell believes these points were simply crazy conspiracies. What he conveniently forgot to mention was just how right my article was in calling it a hijacking so early on. More...

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