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This week I welcome John Milor back as a contributor. He has been taking his Master's Degree. He shares his thoughts on quantum physics of freewill and predestination. Diane Tessman ponders if new spiritual insights can be balanced with logic? Then, there's more half cat mutilations across the country according to Chris Holly. Latin America correspondent Scott Corrales reports on more humanoids spotted in Spain and the Mothman appearing in Chile! Steve Erdmann has had a busy week contributing 3-articles beginning with "The True Walking Dead." Pat Regan claims that bogus religious faiths keep many in ignorance. Jon Kelly, reports on  a UFO ground light in Japan. Know much about the electric universe, you will after reading an article by dmondeo! Ed Fleming examines sightings of UFOs or were they missile tests? Jason Francis contributes part of his interview with Gerard Aartsen. William Grabowski remembers writer John Keel. I published part of the the Jesus, King of Edessa article. Richard Carter is struggling with belief and Frank Carlton posts part five of his series: A General, A Trailer, and A Cover-up. Enjoy Dirk

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The Quantum Physics of Freewill and Predestination by John Milor. I have postulated in various publications, that I believe that God, in His infinite wisdom and power, has somehow developed the means of testing our hearts  in a way that allows for predestination, as well as freewill , to coexist. A simple search on freewill vs. predestination will reveal a collection of links and research supporting both the Calvinism and Armenian schools of thought.  In light of this, I refer to myself as either an Armenavist, or a Calvimenian. Somehow, they’re both true. More...

Do Aliens Guide Us to New Spiritual Insights Balanced with Logical Behavior? by Diane Tessman. I see a mothership with humans and aliens aboard. The ship is huge and shines silver in the moonlight. There are lights inside and an open shuttle bay beckons us to come in. More... Also read: Windmills of the Mind and Wind Turbines

Half Cat Mutilation reports continue! by Chris Holly. Half Cat Mutilation reports continue to fill my email box from all over the world. The reports are nearly identical. An ordinary person going about their normal routine stumbles upon a half of a corpse of a cat left for them to find in an area that cannot be missed. The remains of the cat are always half of the cat cut straight across its mid-section dividing the cat in two parts. The top part of the cat including the head and two front paws is the most common half left in a staged manner to be purposely found. I have read reports of the bottom half of the cat left as well but most often it is the top portion of the cat. More...

More Humanoids at Zahara de los Atunes Spain by Scott Corrales.. One day in 1939, several children – M. Jimenez Conquerable among them – were looking after the cattle in Zahara de los Atunes (Cadiz) and noticed an unidentified flying object measuring some 18 meters in diameter. When the UFO flew over them at low altitude, they felt a sensation of heat. More... Also read: The Mothman Visits La Serena, Chile 

The True Walking Dead by Steve Erdmann. Jim Marrs has become a major researcher and writer into topics of conspiracy and government cover-ups. Perhaps his greatest work is Cross fire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy; which was one of the books that prefaced Oliver Stone’s movie JFK. Marrs’ Rule By Secrecy covered a large range of history and conspirators behind major movements; as well as The Rise of the Fourth Reich on the continued rule of Fascism; among others. More...Who You Gonna Call? Ghost Busters!Pay Attention to – The Men behind the Area 51 Curtain

Islam, Christianity and Judaism: Bogus faiths keeping billions of minds in the darkness of religious superstition! by Pat Regan. So someone’s made a silly little movie about Islam and the insulted ‘Faithful’ are now rushing to ‘Holy War’ protest in order to gratify their god. Let’s delve deeper into the ‘real’ reasons (not media propaganda) behind the problem at hand. More...

UFO ground light contacts in Japan - JCETI Director by Jon Kelly. “It doesn’t really matter how many times you see [UFOs], it’s more about what happens inside,” explains Gregory Sullivan, Director of the Japan Center for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (JCETI). JCETI is a public education and outreach program providing training and resources for CE-5 (Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind) Skywatching, ET Disclosure and Ambassador Training based in Kyushu, Japan. Reportedly a “version update for the whole UFO scene in Japan,” Mr. Sullivan shared JCETI’s vision with The Secret Message Report in an exclusive one hour interview now available online. More...

The Electric Universe a new paradigm for Science and Astronomy by dmondeo. The Electric universe theory from the Thunderbolts project offers us a new paradigm of science and astronomy. It demonstrates how stars are possibly not burning balls of hydrogen ignited through nuclear fusion (which is the theory mainstream science accepts as fact) but burning balls of electrical plasma. More...

Are These UFOs Or Missile Tests? by Ed Fleming. This is a documentation from Kurt R and Paula from Black Canyon City,AZ. - at 5:15am it was a clear morning no wind was blowing it started out like a white cloud and then swirled into color and then disappeared without a trace. It had red around it and something unknown in the middle. More...

Spirituality and the UFO Phenomenon: an interview with Gerard Aartsen Part Two by Jason Francis. JF: Does this have anything to do with the “Age of Aquarius”? GA: Yes. We have are moving into an ever-fuller alignment with the Constellation of Aquarius and out of the Constellation of Pisces. The mission of Jesus inaugurated the Age of Pisces. We are in a gradual movement into Aquarius that takes several hundred years until we get the strongest influence of that energy. We are now at a point where the waning energies of Pisces are as strong as the incoming energies of Aquarius. That is really the cause of the enormous political tensions in the world, which also work out on the economic level, and tensions in every field, including the religious. More...

The Real Keel Deal by William Grabowski. The late John A. Keel had as many detractors as supporters. Even his critics must admit that Keel, often at his own expense, traveled most of America in order to meet with and interview witnesses to the unknown. Keel did so not out of some personal belief-system, but out of natural curiosity and more than a little concern. He had, as a youngster hanging out in his parents’ barn in Perry, New York, a brief yet powerful experience about which most of his readers know nothing. More...

Jesus, King of Edessa Part Two by Dirk Vander Ploeg. Abgar who? - readers might exclaim. Precisely. Readers are probably unaware, but King Abgarus of Edessa was a central character within 1st century Syrio-Judaean history and within the biblical accounts, and so they must ask themselves why they have never heard of this king or this city. Why is this so? Because both Saul-Josephus and the Catholic Church did not want anyone to know anything about King Abgar, and so he has been deleted from history. Saul-Josephus, for instance, writes an entire history of 1st century Judaeo-Syria, but never once mentions King Abgar or the powerful and influential city of Edessa - a city that became the first and the greatest center of early Nazarene Christianity. More...

Struggling with Belief by Richard Carter. Luckily we live in a world built upon foundations of fact. It’s a place where all our realities are concrete, things you can see and hold in your hand. Everything is either proved out in science or the belief systems that vary throughout the world. First only a portion of the above is true. Much of history is records of warriors of various peoples representing one belief system or another, trying to elevate one form of piety above the other. Though interests, today, lay in fuel and land acquisition as well, there are underlying bitterness that can, none the less, be traced back to the crusades and further back still. More...

A General, A Trailer, and A Cover-up Part Five by Frank Carlton. After a few moments of silence, Butch surprised me with, “I’m going into the Marines!” I realized he was joking and replied with, “Throw me the bucket! You can’t be serious.” Butch smiled and replied, “All I ever wanted to do since I was a kid is be a marine.” More...

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