UFO's The Demon Connection Part II

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Cattle mutilations considered to be the product of evil not necessarily that of space men!

The Demon UFO Connection

Part II

By Doc Vega

(Copyright 2015, Doc Vega - All Rights Reserved)

<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar>


For us to properly evaluate the origin of UFOs, it is incumbent upon us to consider all factors.  As UFOlogists, we have been too polarized toward the extraterrestrial thesis.  As investigators we have been too anxious to accept that these little understood "intruders" into our reality were invaders from another planet as the Hollywood movies would lead us to believe.

Yet, if we do an objective analysis we come to the undeniable conclusion, i.e, that even though the little understood manifestation we term "UFOs" seems airborne, do they really originate from beyond terra firma, do they really come to us from beyond interstellar space?

Popular opinion does not explain the unknown

The evidence aside from the consensus of popular opinion does not support an extra solar explanation.  Rather, it supports an unknown entity that co-exists with us here and which has done so since the beginning of time.  This realization does not support the extraterrestrial hypothesis, yet it does point to a long standing existence of mankind unknowingly sharing this earth with an occupational force dedicated to the apparent confusion and disorientation of Mankind, as though there is a greater purpose, a more sinister ulterior motive pointing to a plan that does not conform with the extraterrestrial theory.

The paranormal connection

Since the beginning of time, man has been confronted with toublesome entities from elementals to fairies, from Leprechauns to angels who came to dictate "God's terms" for co-existence.  From hauntings to demons, there seemed to be another explanation.  Yet, after careful analysis, we find as John Keel warned us, the broken record in the sky that continues to misinform us and mislead us in confusing, earthbound paranormal activity with the realm of supposed beings from another planet! 

In this misinterpretation we may find ourselves slaves to the logic of the benevolent space brothers when in reality we are encountering evil and the deception that comes with it.  Some call it "Satanic lies" while others, like author, John A. Keel, label the troubling undercurrent of deception as ultraterrestrials, those who overtly co-exist on earth with us, and decieve us as to their true origin!

Yeoman researchers point to the explanation

Remember, the two USAF officers reviewing Project Blue Book files who proclaimed the UFO phenomena as demonological activity. Remember that the two most long lived proponents of UFO existence whose entire cause was dedicated to proving the existence of UFO's have come to a very troubling conclusion. According to Jacque Vallee and physicist Stanton Friedman came to the understanding that UFO's constituted demon manifestations within our coveted reality! There two veteran proponents of the extraterrestrial reality had taken an abrupt change in the conclusion of their studies. They fell in line with a Biblical interpretation of a perplexing puzzle in the realm of man . Why?

Solid technical back-up

Stanton Freidman, a veteran Department of Defense contactor under nuclear rocket engine projects, was no slouch to addressing the implications of the unknown. Doctor Jacque Vallee who had urged an international scientific study of the soopsedly extra solar thesis had come to a spiritual conclusion. That was that UFO's were merely the products of an inherently evil and deceptive manifestation that some can only characterize as the realm of Satan, the utilization of a new form of distracting mankind from accepting God and our Savior Jesus Christ by inducing a cloud of confusion, yet another twist in removing our fascination with the unknown in an effort to disengage us from our union with God.

The timeless enigma

This seems to be the manifestation of tireless distractions. The enduring mystery that occupies our fascination, but never provides a concrete answer, only a puzzle that defelects us from the truth!. Are UFO's that tool of Lucifer, who hates God, who hates decency, who hates a faith that can transcend all the useless disatractions of a material world that leads us on the long road of good intentions to the depths of hell? Many have pondered this question. From scientists to theologians, from generals to former presidents who witnessed this puzzle, from pilots who chased lights in the sky, to those of us who are asking if there's nothing to it, why all the data, why all the documents released by the Freedom of Information Act that White House officials remained tight lipped about? These are the burning questions. These are the known questions that are not being addressed by the powers that be. Yet, we can extrapolate. We can deduce. We can establish that the age old questions of flying saucers are not necessarily the province of extraterrestrial origin, but from right here!

The underground connection

Just ask Phil Schneider who personally battled with underground entities near Dulce, New Mexico.  Schneider would later admit to being part of a sub-terranean "fire fight" along with US Green Berets, black ops soldiers, and special forces troops who engaged evil entities who existed in a hostile soot-filled environment where their suspected residency was for thousands of years, below ground in the netherworld accidentally happened upon by a tunelling operation near Dulce, New Mexico.

Even Norio Hayakawa endorsed many of these supporting facts that pointed to a clandestine meeting of civilzations resulting in tragic consequences, hidden under the aegis of US intelligence services more than 40 years ago.  Just remember that from the beginning of time, the devil's lair was characterized as being underground!  Just as were the DUMBS 9Deep Underground Military Bases of the US mllitary) and, most notalbly and infamouslyl, the Archuletta Mesa undergound caverns, retaken from the occupants as alleged by author, Anthony Sanchez. 

The reoccurrence of evil

Through out history, there has been the widely-known,  evil connection of the incubus or the succubus, those nocturnal invaders who violate the innocent with evil sexual acts ocurring in the darkness of night.  So many accounts have been given of women raped during the midnight hour within the supposed sanctuary of their very own bed that it cannot be ascribed to sleep paralysis nor "mass hysteria,"  

Yet, in our time we have been inundated by reports of many, many women and men both reporting their being subjected to medical experiments of a sexual nature!   Abductions continue to persist as valid yet disturbing experiences, documented by sane and stable individuals asking the questions:

" What happened to me. Who did this to me?"

To anxwer those questions, we must consider that answer under the frame of demonological influences.


Doc Vega

New Mexico, USA

July 28th, 2015

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