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The Pope Resigning Means Nothing

The doom and gloom people are trying to make a big thing about the Pope resigning. I have to give them credit, they never pass up a chance to flap their lips about some pointless prophesy or prediction that supposedly guarantees the beginning of the end of the world.

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The Shadow

Here’s a strange thing that has happened.

There is a light over the stairs that leads up to my front door. The top half of the door is glass and has translucent venetian blinds on it. If someone is outside the door at night I can see their shadow on the blinds.

One night I happened to glance down the hall leading to the door and I saw a shadow. Someone was standing outside and close to the door. Thanking I had maybe failed to hear their knock, I went to the door and peeked through the blinds to see who it was.

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Let's Hear It For The Weeds

I like weeds. They're hardy and will grow just about anywhere. They don't require tilling and feeding with some special fertilizer. Lots of them are good to eat and some have beautiful flowers.

I don't know why weeds got such a bad rap. It it weren't for them some places would be really barren, funky looking affairs. Consider how dreary those wonderful, lush, high mountain meadows would be without all those wild plants (weeds) ablaze with their blooms.

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Winter Wonderland

As far as the eye could see the pine and fir trees stood, their limbs and needles covered by a thick blanket of the purest white, their dark trunks in stark contrast against the brightness of the snow. In spots the wind had drifted the snow on the ground into other-worldly shapes. And to complete this live picture post card there were breaks in the clouds revealing a sky of incredible blue.

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Multi-Tasking, Pulled From Pillar To Post But Full Of Joy…

The heading above just about sums up the way I tend to run my busy life, at least some of the time. I bet that others could say the same for their lives too. There’s never enough time to get everything completed that one initially sets out to complete.

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As confirmation of extraterrestrial contact spreads across both the public and governance structures through persons of inarguable quality, it becomes imperative for everyone to begin to consider the next step in the process. That next step is introspection on where we have come from and to responsibly and equitably layout our plan for reaction and sustainable living in the presence of unambiguous contact. Cyrellys opens the door to our participation in planetary preparatory planning with a historical comparison to the pre-Socratic thinkers of ancient Greece as they began their own journey into the fantastic evolution of philosophic and scientific thinking which became a key part of the foundation which distinguishes our Western civilization.
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UFOs and the Moon: Using Oracles

I discovered Lisa Frideborg Lloyd's tarot blog awhile ago, and I love it. So much synchronicity, as to be expected in these realms, and I like her take on most things. A couple of weeks ago she posted about the moon-as-an-artificial-craft theory.